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Detained in Dubai's 13th Anniversary

Thirteen years ago, Radha Stirling for the first time, navigated Dubai’s complex and foreign legal system to secure the release of her friend and colleague, Cat Le-Huy, who had been held on fabricated and baseless charges. Since then, Stirling’s organisation “Detained in Dubai”, has helped more than fifteen thousand individuals.

CEO, Radha Stirling commented on the occasion “Every day has been so busy for the past 13 years, with new challenges, new emergencies, new accomplishments on a daily basis; in many ways I can’t believe it has been this long. The thousands of clients, their families and their loved ones whom we have been able to assist over the years always remain present in our minds, as a source of inspiration every time the Gulf presents us with another case of injustice to resolve. While we have been instrumental in moving the UAE forward with incremental reforms, and promoting change in the region, we are constantly confronted with fresh outrages that we cannot ignore. As our experience in the region broadened, so did the scope of our work. We've been involved in everything from the rescue of Princess Latifa to advising legislatures, think tanks and business and financial organisations.. We launched new initiatives and projects like the Gulf in Justice Podcast, Interpol & Extradition Reform and the Gulf Investment Monitor, to address issues more comprehensively and effectively. We regularly liaise with diplomatic officials, politicians, the United Nations, Interpol, journalists and international human rights, trade, and legal institutions and policymakers on behalf of clients and to pursue improvements in the region.

“I want to express my supreme gratitude for the support and energy of everyone who has responded to our efforts with empathy and encouragement. It means the world to us, and it means the world to the victims of Gulf abuse who we represent. The public has never let us down in a campaign to free a client, in many ways, the success of Detained in Dubai is a popular victory against wrongful detention and mistreatment of foreigners in the Gulf. We could not do what we do without all of you, thank you for 13 years of support!”

Radha Stirling founded Detained in Dubai in 2008 and has since helped and advised more than 15,000 foreign nationals facing trouble in the UAE. Stirling is an expert witness, civil and criminal justice specialist, legislative, investment risk, business and policy advisor to the public and private sectors, speaker and host of the Gulf in Justice Podcast, covering the region in depth.


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