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Sheikh Mohammed’s right hand man faces English justice tomorrow

Sheikh Mohammed’s right hand man faces English High Court on Tuesday the 25th of May.

The Emirati elite and Sheikh Mohammed’s advisor will finally stand before the English High Court on Tuesday in a £1b lawsuit launched by British national, Dr Haddad.

“I doubt Baker McKenzie chair Habib Al Mulla ever thought he’d be held to account in England”, said Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai and Due Process International.

“We have never seen such a sheer volume of instances of misconduct and legal abuse in a single case, and such blatant bias, while also being so thoroughly evidenced,” She explains.

“It is clear Al Mulla acts with impunity in the UAE and that he was under the misimpression that he could do whatever he wanted and abuse whomever he wanted without repercussion. Al Mulla has finally been cornered into answering a £1b lawsuit launched by Mohamed Haddad, but he has tried every trick in the book to avoid and frustrate proceedings.

“Fortunately, England is able to provide a fair legal forum to hear submissions without interference from Al Mulla. This would be absolutely impossible in the UAE. Habib Al Mulla was named by Arabian Business Journal as one of the most powerful Arabs in the world in 2019. Controversially, he represented Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al-Nahyan who embarrassed the UAE when a video was released of the torture and rape of an Afghan. Unsurprisingly, Sheikh Issa was exonerated. Al Mulla has also been accused of illegally representing Dr Haddad and his opponent (Al Mulla’s client) in UAE proceedings. It’s almost unbelievable”.

“The UK and the UAE are close allies but this means more and more British nationals are visiting and investing in Dubai. They are being taken advantage of in a country that the United Kingdom won’t even extradite people to because of the ‘lack of fair trials’. It’s imperative that UAE residents are aware that their rogue actions can have real consequences. Victims, like Dr Haddad, have recourse through the British courts. This case is precedent setting and it’s time the UK sent a clear message that unlawful acts can be redressed through foreign courts.

“The outcome of these proceedings will ultimately protect British nationals abroad and hopefully lead to positive changes within the UAE”.

The remote hearing of El Haddad v Al Rostamani et al. will commence on the 25th of May 2021. The hearing is public. Please contact us for details and to arrange attendance.


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