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Open Letter: Consular officials slammed in letter to MP over Albert Douglas' detention in Dubai

Albert Douglas's son, Wolfgang, has sent hundreds of letters to Ambassadors, Consular officials and MP's to raise his father's devastating abuse. This open letter describes some of the horrific treatment the family has received from the British and UAE government.

Dear Jack,

It really is a travesty of justice Jack. I have countless (more the 100+ emails) that are all similar in nature with repeated contradictions by the FCO, some knowingly in contradiction of basic facts and some of them contradictory to their own statements as made from their own previous emails etc. It’s somewhat crazy to think that such an inexperienced and callous person like Mr Ahmed Ahmet could be put in charge of a persons life and then treat it like a 9 to 5 when facing dire circumstances like that surrounding my fathers unjust innocent detention, this is before they then even consider his total lack of human rights provided as experienced in reality, his beatings and abuse by the hand of the UAE authorities as a British citizen.

He has been terribly mistreated and unfairly convicted in his innocence in order to be extorted and corruptly taken advantage of by the many “wasta“ locals that have successfully managed to ruin him now financially and physically as a result. What a shame on us for not being able to protect him from such injustice as he continues to suffer in silence.

Unfortunately my father regularly says at this point he would be better off dead, as god only knows what worse fate awaits home as he will continue to endure in those prisons where human life has such little value and he can be moved into worse ambers, worse prisons or worse circumstances at any time of complaints at a drop of hat in a place where torture or even death goes totally unnoticed by anyone on the outside and never reported on locally as a rule of law.

What most people forget, he was directly threatened by the UAE prison authorities on the real life reality’s of what they would do to him if we went public “as we already have”, with the atrocities that he witnessed in the Al Ain Prison, Bur Dubai prison and in the UAE custody in general. He was told by the prison guards directly that they would beat him to death, and that at some point he will have to return to their custody as part of their process, even if he is successful in deportation they apparently will be waiting. Can you imagine the fear after he himself was beaten, himself was abused into forced inhumane situations, and on top of what he saw of others being treat even worse than that.

He genuinely fears for his life, he lays in pain mostly, especially after you consider how’s he’s been forcefully Interrogated several times over by very senior plain cloths ministry police officers in mid night metal shock sessions on the back of Daily Mail reports and other news agencies etc about his witness statements of abuses within the UAE prison system which are all 100% true. He was threatened about going public, he was abused terribly during the whole process with NO protection from the U.K. government whatsoever. I believe that only the fact that we went so public, and how I’ve never stopped fighting the FCO & embassy every step of the way to provide any kind of presence or support, I believe is the only reason he is not hurt as badly as he could have been or dead.

The truth is that Dubai is a corrupt and lawless state where rules don’t apply to their (Emirati) actions however unlawful and 99.9% of the time they all get away with it so they have literally nearly no fear of reprisals from the outside. My father is categorically innocent and left to rot with one excuse after another. It’s just sickening to think a British citizen can have this happen with so much knowledge of his circumstances and no one will save him.

Our last meeting was cut short as felicity looked uneasy and wanted to go to another meeting half way into our scheduled time we discussed, I would of loved to explain in detail to felicity for her knowledge about all of the abuses and terrible injustices that the UAE and even U.K. FCO have managed to fumble this on. My father is a human being and he genuinely is being abused as a British citizen. Pls pls help him. I have also attached some recent videos that we are currently making public. I have several others from senior people that will be airing too, hopefully soon. Pls do some research into this and let me know what we can do next.

Andy Slaughter MP / Radha Interview:

Wolfgang / Radha Interview:


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