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Family of Emirates air hostess appeals to Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed to help detained 23 year old,

In a compassionate appeal to the ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, Danielle Crawford reveals their family’s trauma over her arrest.

Family of Emirates air hostess appeals to Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed to help detained 23 year old, Derrin Crawford

In a compassionate appeal to the ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, Danielle Crawford reveals their family’s trauma over her arrest.

“My name is Danielle Crawford. Derrin Crawford is my sister. She is 23 years old and a flight attendant with Emirates Airlines. She recently went out with someone she had just become acquainted with and while at his home, the police raided his place and found a small amount of marijuana that apparently belonged to him.

My sister has been held because of allegations against him, just because she happened to be in his vicinity. She has been open and cooperative with police, but she doesn't know the other person very well at all, they had just met a few days before. Derrin does not take drugs, she doesn’t even smoke. We lost our mother when she was 11 and our father last year. She’s only just begun to heal from these traumas and we are desperately worried about our sister and how much stress she must be going through right now. She’s also prone to life threatening tonsillitis and has been hospitalised several times with this condition.

Her drugs tests have come back negative, she is innocent and we ask Your Highness to please help our sister Derrin. She is one of the kindest people anyone could know and it is gut wrenching to not be able to help her or be with her.”

Radha Stirling, founder and CEO of Detained in Dubai, commented, “Sheikh Mohammed has personally intervened in a number of cases to correct flawed judgments and errors committed by the Dubai police. Once such instances are brought to his attention, we have often found the Ruler of Dubai to be quick and responsive in addressing individual wrongs suffered by foreign nationals. This can sometimes be the only recourse victims of wrongful detention have in the UAE, when the legal system is so fraught with shortcomings.

“Past experience shows us that situations like Derrin’s need to be resolved as soon as possible, because any delay can lead to escalation, whereby, for instance, her case might be referred to Abu Dhabi and prolonged indefinitely on the grounds of ongoing investigation. Derrin was not the target of the police operation, her presence in the apartment was coincidental, and she has no connection to the individual found in possession of drugs, nor any knowledge of his alleged activities. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and we are confident that Sheikh Mohammed will recognise this, and see to it that Derrin is cleared of this case and allowed to return to her family.”


Detained in Dubai statement on British air hostess for Emirates Airlines held in Dubai over date’s marijuana

Emirates Airlines flight attendant, 23 year old Briton Derrin Crawford, was on a date with a new acquaintance when his home was raided by Dubai police. A search of the premises uncovered two cannabis joints, and both Derrin and her date were arrested. Despite testing negative for the substance, Derrin has remained in detention, and faces possible drug charges which carry a hefty prison sentence.

Radha Stirling, founder and CEO of Detained in Dubai who has represented numerous Britons over the past 12 years who fell afoul of Dubai’s draconian laws and chaotic enforcement procedures, issued a statement on the young lady’s detention:

Ms Crawford’s arrest in Dubai is another appalling example of how arbitrarily UAE laws are enforced, and how easily a foreigner can be accused, arrested and even convicted for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Our organisation was founded in 2008 when Cat Le-Huy was detained over specks of dust in his luggage that authorities alleged were particles of hashish. Despite his own drug test returning negative, he was detained for seven long weeks before finally being released. Since Detained in Dubai’s inception, we have helped people like British veteran Perry Coppins who was unfairly detained for prescription pharmaceuticals and war hero Andy Neal for trumped up allegations of drug dealing, a charge for which he was finally acquitted.

“Innocent British nationals continue to be arrested over the suspicion of possession or distribution of drugs, often on the flimsiest basis. These victims of a legal system desperately in need of reform, can be held without evidence for lengthy time periods before finally being exonerated. In such instances, it is also common to be forced to sign confessions in Arabic without a translator or lawyer present. Such documents are sufficient to secure a conviction in the Gulf State.

“Derrin visited an apartment, and was arrested and detained for something she had no control over. She has now had to endure several days in a Dubai police station, where conditions are appalling, and dangerous. Human rights violations are so thoroughly documented in the UAE that the UK refuses any extradition requests from the country. We are concerned about Derrin’s safety, and about the very real possibility that she will be criminally charged, as so many others have been, without evidence.

“Police in Dubai too often bypass investigation in favour of forced confession, and little or no evidentiary basis is required for the Public Prosecutor to proceed to trial. In the case of Andy Neal, police were in possession of proof positive of his innocence, but insisted to detain him for over a year anyway. Derrin could easily be swallowed into the UAE’s legal system on false charges if her case does not receive due attention by the UK government and international media.”

Detained in Dubai is in contact with the family and will liaise with UK and UAE authorities to #FreeDerrin.


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