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Brit jailed in Egypt for "patting security guard" freed following media campaign by human

Tony Comoccio (centre) with John Kenny (left) from the British Consulate, wife Joan, lawyer Elezab Ali Elezab (right), and son Remo

Case dismissed against Briton detained in Egypt

British citizen Tony Camoccio has been released from Egyptian custody following international outcry over his arrest.

Detained in Dubai CEO Radha Stirling, who led the campaign for Camoccio’s freedom said today, "We are very happy to report that British citizen Tony Camoccio has been released from Egyptian custody after paying approximately £1,000 in bail and related fees. The case has been dismissed for lack of evidence, and Tony will be flying home to the UK on the next available flight from Cairo.”

“I’m very excited to be heading home and can’t wait to see all of my family and rest after the past week’s events,” Camoccio said, “I’m very thankful to everyone for their support, my friends and family, my lawyer Elezab Ali Elezab, John Kenny from the consulate and Radha Stirling who have done their best to get me home”.

Stirling commented, “While the charges were clearly without merit, we have to emphasise that had British authorities and the international press not paid attention to this case, there is no reason to believe that Tony would be a free man today. The dangers of legal abuse in Egypt are severe and, despite their quick resolution of this case, anyone considering travel to the country should be aware of the risks. As is so often the case for foreigners in the region, unless an international spotlight is shone on their plight, they have no guarantee of safe resolutions when suffering in obscurity. Over more than a dozen years working on cases like Tony’s; wrongful prosecutions, false convictions, and enforced disappearances in the Middle East, we have found that the greatest instrument we have is public support and the commitment of the media to accurately report instances of legal abuse.

“We have been in constant communication with Tony’s family throughout this ordeal; they have been dreading the likelihood that this case would drag on for months, possibly proceeding all the way through an appeals process, as the lower courts in Egypt often rush to judgment to forward the matter on to the Court of Cassation. They are absolutely thrilled that the campaign for Tony has reached such a rapid and happy conclusion and can’t wait to welcome him home.”

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