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Expert Testimony Reports to support the Respondent in UAE Extradition Cases



Radha Stirling, Founder & Advisor at Detained in Dubai, the only organisation assisting foreign nationals with UAE initiated legal issues since 2007, provides expert testimony in extradition applications originating from the UAE.


Radha Stirling has received private training from several UAE Criminal Advocates, including one former High Court Judge & Prosecutor, as well as private intelligence and criminal process training from UAE based foreign military.


We maintain close relationships with foreign governments and consular representatives in order to continually expand our knowledge and expertise. We have addressed and advised Australian Parliamentrespecting their proposal to enter an Extradition Treaty with the UAE, including recommendations for protective wording to include in the Treaty.


Ms Stirling has been regularly featured across television (Al Jazeera, BBC News, Channel 5 News, ITV News) radio (LBC, BBC etc.) & news print media and is considered an authority by news producers in the UAE who frequently share information, request her to investigate or assist and seek comment.



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