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​“I plead for your attention and intervention” - Son of André Gauthier, Canadian detained in Dubai,

Alexis Gauthier appeals to ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum Andre’s Gauthier’s dedicated son Alexis, has been campaigning for his father’s release for years and has now appealed to Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai, for help. Alexis, who lives in Quebec and speaks to his father regularly, has been disappointed with the Canadian government’s progress in discussions related to his father’s wrongful detention. Attempts to diplomatically resolve the injustice have been ignored by the government of Dubai with Canada seeming reluctant to escalate their communications. André and Alexis Gauthier The Ruler of Dubai has been known to swiftly intervene in cases where foreign nati

Political prisoner put in UAE solitary confinement after accusing Dechert lawyers of torture

Lawyer Karam before his imprisonment Following our earlier news item about Karam al Sadeq filing a Claim in the London High Court against US law firm Dechert LLP and two partners in their London office, we are sorry to announce that Karam has since been denied access to legal representation and apparently placed in solitary confinement. Detained in Dubai CEO, Radha Stirling commented, “The actions by RAK authorities to punish Karam al Sadeq and prevent his communication with legal counsel and the outside world in response to the complaint filed against Dechert LLP, is indicative of the collaborative and complicit relationship between RAK and the law firm; particularly in relation to the abus

​Should Ivanka Trump be headlining the “Global Women’s Forum” in Dubai, while Sheikh Mohammed’s own

Ivanka in Dubai. Speaking for women’s rights, but is she being used? Should Ivanka Trump be headlining the “Global Women’s Forum” in Dubai, while rape victims are jailed for adultery, while male guardianship prevails and while Sheikh Mohammed’s own daughters remain in custody with torture claims? Ivanka Trump is headlining a summit this week in Dubai, that focuses on women’s issues and their development in the workplace. In recent years the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed, has invested substantial time and money to convince the world that the emirate is leading the way for the rights of women in the Middle East. On International Women’s Day the ruler even posted messages designed to showcase

Brit jailed in Egypt for "patting security guard" freed following media campaign by human

Tony Comoccio (centre) with John Kenny (left) from the British Consulate, wife Joan, lawyer Elezab Ali Elezab (right), and son Remo Case dismissed against Briton detained in Egypt British citizen Tony Camoccio has been released from Egyptian custody following international outcry over his arrest. Detained in Dubai CEO Radha Stirling, who led the campaign for Camoccio’s freedom said today, "We are very happy to report that British citizen Tony Camoccio has been released from Egyptian custody after paying approximately £1,000 in bail and related fees. The case has been dismissed for lack of evidence, and Tony will be flying home to the UK on the next available flight from Cairo.” “I’m very exc

Growing fear for British victim in hellish Egyptian jail. "Human rights abuses are rife, and th

Family man. Tony Comoccio in church at a recent wedding. Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, issued the following statement on behalf of British citizen Tony Camoccio and his family about his arrest in Egypt “As most observers are aware, the human rights situation in Egypt has been deteriorating rapidly and severely over the past 7 years, as the country has descended into a virtual police state. Abuses by security forces have escalated, with the police and armed forces operating with almost complete impunity. There have been documented incidences of torture, forced disappearances, and deaths in custody; between 500-700 people have been ‘vanished’ by security forces since 2015. “With th

Detained in Dubai's Radha Stirling statement on Brit father Tony Camoccio jailed in Egypt for &#

Keen carp fisherman. British father Tony is in terrifying Egyptian jail Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai and a renowned international expert on legal issues in the Middle East, responds to requests for comment on the case of British citizen Tony Camoccio, arrested in Egypt for reportedly ‘patting an airport security guard on the back’. “We are appalled by the arrest and detention of Mr. Camoccio, and fear for his safety. The Egyptian authorities have extended his detention for another two weeks ostensibly to ‘investigate’ the allegations. Egyptian prisons are infamous for their inhumane treatment of prisoners, and documented instances of torture and abuse are disturbingly common. At

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