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Dangerous. Easily abused Islamic laws make Dubai a minefield for the Western visitor The CCTV footage shows a cordial encounter as a group of friends approach a woman whom they think they know. When they realise that she is someone else, everyone is polite, and the encounter breaks up, with each going on their way. But this is Dubai, a place where nearly any interaction can become a criminal case. Back in September, four friends from the UK were on holiday in the UAE; while shopping in Jumeirah Beach, one of them thought he spotted a woman he knew, so he got her attention to say hello. After seeing that he was mistaken, he and his friend chatted with the woman for a moment and then they cont

​Briton Andrew Neal acquitted in Abu Dhabi; Stirling: ‘this case should have never happened’

Andy Neal before his arrest British veteran Andrew Neal has been acquitted by an Abu Dhabi court of baseless drug charges after over a year in prison. Neal was arrested in October last year as part of a large scale police operation against a suspected drug syndicate, despite there being no evidence to substantiate his involvement. Police searched Neal, his car, and his apartment and found no trace of drugs, neither in his possession nor in his bloodstream. He was arrested solely on the basis of an informant’s statement which was later retracted. After Andy spent months in detention, police searched for evidence on the phones of the 17 people arrested along with him and discovered that not on

Stirling: ‘Unprecedented aggression by Qatar banks against debtors, Interpol abuse is alarming:

Qatar National Bank responsible for multiple arrests abroad “We have never seen gulf banks pursue customers as relentlessly and aggressively as the banks of Qatar. Over the past two years, banks such as Qatar National Bank (QNB) have fought to not only list debtors on Interpol’s databases as criminal fugitives, but have vigorously sought their arrest and extradition from Western countries. “We have received calls from customers relaying their horrific experiences and seeking emergency assistance. One was pulled over by British police on the side of the road in England, one arrested on arrival in Mallorca, and another in Spain. Another British man has been detained in Prague for months in dep

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