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Former Iranian beauty queen Bahareh Zare Bahari is seeking asylum in the Philippines after being detained in an airport in Manila for more than a week over a Red Notice issued by authorities in Iran. The 31-year old has been studying dentistry in the Philippines for a number of years, and has used her relative celebrity as Iran's representative in the Miss Intercontinental 2018 pageant to speak out for women's rights and reformist parties in her home country. According to local media, the Iranian government has filed cases against Bahari related to her activism. "From what we understand, numerous cases have been filed against Ms. Bahari, both in Iran and in the Philippines on the basis of he

Stirling to lobby AFP on Interpol Reforms following Hakeem Alaraibi blunder

Interpol under spotlight for human rights violations over abusive notices AFP to receive reform advice from Australian Interpol expert Radha Stirling in wake of criticisms over procedures that led to Hakeem Alaraibi’s arbitrary detention in Thailand. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have been widely criticised for notifying authorities in Bahrain and Thailand of Hakeem Alaraibi’s arrival in Bangkok. Following her advocacy in Hakeem’s case, Radha Stirling, an expert witness in Interpol and Extradition matters and decade long advocate for Interpol reforms has founded the organisation IPEX - Interpol and Extradition Reform, to focus on addressing human rights issues related to Interpol and e

Top INTERPOL abuser Turkey to host next meeting

Interpol under spotlight for human rights violations over abusive notices The announcement that Turkey will host the 2021 Interpol General Assembly meeting raises serious doubts about the organisation's integrity. Interpol has been under growing scrutiny over widespread abuse of its data collection process, with increasing incidences of abusive Red Notices being issued at the request of authoritarian states; with Turkey as one of the leading abusers. Lawmakers from the US, UK and Australia have been reviewing their relationships with Interpol as it has become clear that the international policing organisation implements no serious screening process before listing people on their system as fu

Risks remain after Dubai announces new rules on alcohol

After years of confusion and mixed signals over the official policy on alcohol, Dubai has announced new measures that claim to both clarify the emirate’s rules, and ease restrictions for tourists. Arrests of foreigners violating Dubai’s laws on the purchase and consumption of alcohol have been regularly reported in the media, with one particularly high profile case involving a woman arrested for drinking the complimentary champagne provided by the national airline on her way to the country. The new law allows foreigners entering Dubai on tourist visas to obtain a license that will make it legal for them to buy alcohol. Previously, this provision was only extended to resident foreigners. It i

Abusive HSBC Red Notice against British national revoked by Interpol

When British citizen Robert Urwin was stopped in the Ukraine on an Interpol Red Notice, he thought it had to be a mistake. Subsequently learning that the Interpol listing had to do with a bounced cheque in Dubai twelve years earlier, Urwin was sure that there was a misunderstanding. He had left the UAE in good standing, with no debts and no payments pending on his bank account. The cheque in question turned out to be for an uncharacteristically large sum of money, and it had been written out to someone he did not know and submitted to the bank well after Urwin had already left the UAE. This was an obvious forgery; but over one year since his initial detention by the Ukraine, and after enduri

“​New UK “crackdown” on Interpol arrest procedures endangers human rights” - Radha Stirling

Government to announce crackdown on foreign criminals as part of hardline new measures included in Queen’s Speech It was announced today that the UK will implement a new policy regarding the arrest of individuals listed on the Interpol database with a Red Notice. In the proposed measure, police will be empowered to arrest anyone whose name is listed without first obtaining a domestic arrest warrant by a British magistrate. Expert Witness Radha Stirling, who has led calls for Interpol reforms, and who has founded a new organisation (IPEX) dedicated to improving Interpol and extradition procedures, commented on the new policy: “At a time when Interpol is facing unprecedented scrutiny and criti

UAE bank’s Interpol Abuse raised at UK Parliament after Brit’s 12 month long ordeal

Emma Lewell-Buck MP raises Interpol Abuse in UK Parliament Emma Lewell-Buck MP was the first to raise at Parliament level, serious issues of malpractice within the international law enforcement agency Interpol. Legal organisation Detained in Dubai, a leading voice against Interpol Abuse over the past decade, has been working with Lewell-Buck on the Urwin case. “We have seen hundreds of innocent people either arrested, harassed, extorted or threatened with Interpol notices,” said founder Radha Stirling, “Interpol has been criticised for accepting notices from countries who have a political motivation, such as Russia, Turkey, China and Egypt but amazingly, the private sector and even top inter

HSBC jailing Brits abroad again! Brit’s year-long nightmare in Ukraine after HSBC Interpol Notice fo

Robert Urwin, seen here with his grandson 67 year old Tyneside resident Robert Urwin has been held in the Ukraine after HSBC in the UAE wrongfully placed him on Interpol over a cheque he never wrote. It is simply incomprehensible that 67 year old British national Robert Urwin has been subjected to such horrendous treatment after leading international bank HSBC filed a criminal complaint in the UAE over a cheque that Urwin did not even have access to write. Mr Urwin’s wife and 2 daughters have worked nonstop to explore all ways to resolve this, contacting MPs, The Foreign Office and Embassies to little avail and have had to endure terrible stress during this time and expressed their despair f

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