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Recording sent to Radha Stirling the day before Princess Latifa was captured reveals a woman determi

Latifa's final WhatsApp exchanges after her escape from Dubai From onboard Nostromo, after Latifa’s daring escape from Dubai, she contacted Detained in Dubai CEO Radha Stirling and the two exchanged messages up until her capture. The messages showcase how determined the princess was to secure her freedom. Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum had planned her second escape for seven years, enlisting the assistance of former French secret service agent Hervé Jaubert. Before her escape, she recorded a video testimony to be published if she was captured or killed. Lesser known though, is that she sent Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, WhatsApp voice messages after her escape from onboard Nostromo on

​Spanish High Court dismisses Qatar extradition request for Irishman - Qatar’s Interpol aggression i

Regular Interpol Abuser Qatar, funds Interpol project An Irishman’s nightmare began when he was arrested in Spain after Qatar had issued an Interpol Red Notice against him. When he met Interpol & Extradition Expert Radha Stirling this year, he had no idea what the Interpol notice could possibly be regarding. It turned out, he had been accused of committing a fraud in the capacity of “Director” of a Company in Qatar, for which he never was a Director and nor ever had access to commit any such crimes. The allegations had appeared to have been completely fabricated and aimed to disguise another person’s wrongdoing; something which Stirling notes has become common practice in the country. Qatar

Emirati jockey who promised to drop charges against American mother & horse bite victim, lodges

Anoud Al Suwaidi (left) takes additional charges against Nichole Coffel (right) US mother of 3 Nichole Coffel, from Missouri, who was charged with Cybercrime in the UAE when she texted her Emirati employer to ask for months of unpaid wages, was convicted this week in an Abu Dhabi court and given a one month suspended sentence, probation & an AED 1000 fine. Her employer, Anoud Al Suwaidi, a local celebrity female jockey, had refused to pay Nichole’s wages and to compensate her for medical expenses incurred when she was bitten by Al Suwaidi’s horse. After months of promises that she would be paid, Nichole texted Al Suwaidi, telling her that it was “haram” to withhold her salary; an Arabic word

Stirling: Gulf States’ wrongful detentions must be raised to the United Nations

United Nations Arbitrary detention and wrongful convictions occur every day in the Gulf States. Sub-standard investigatory and evidentiary standards by law enforcement and prosecutors in the Middle East mean that a person can be imprisoned based solely on an accusation. Police interrogations are often little more than prolonged sessions of intimidation to coerce or force false confessions. The façade of the judiciary lacks any institutional substance of due process; the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” simply does not exist in the Gulf, particularly not for foreigners. Radha Stirling, CEO of legal pressure group Detained in Dubai, says the problem can no longer be dealt with exclusi

Canadian whistleblower Andre Gauthier remains in prison as evidence mounts against alleged career sc

Left: Victim Andre Gauthier. Right "fraudster" Mohammed Al Haj While Canadian citizen Andre Gauthier sits in a Dubai jail, inexplicably charged with the fraud he was instrumental in uncovering at Gold AE, once the UAE’s most prominent gold investment company; the alleged architect of the scam, Mohammed Abu Alhaj, has been allowed to replicate a similar investment scheme in Canada with a new business, and using a new name; potentially defrauding yet more unsuspecting investors, including the Canadian government. Now going by the name Mohammed Abdel Mohammed, the former director of Gold AE escaped prosecution in the UAE when he fled to Canada as soon as the scam was discovered by Andre Gauthie

American told to prove she did not violate Cybercrime laws in Abu Dhabi

(Left) Anoud Sultan Al Suwaidi. Accused of creating false cybercrime charges to avoid paying American mother of 3 Traci Nichole Coffel (right) her wages American mother of 3, Traci Nichole Coffel (Nichole), attended her first court hearing yesterday in Abu Dhabi over Cybercrime charges because she asked for her unpaid wages and compensation for medical bills over WhatsApp, after her employer’s horse bit her. Instead of paying Nichole what she owed, UAE jockey Anoud Sultan Al Suwaidi filed a complaint on June 9th against her with the police, alleging Nichole violated Cybercrime laws by insulting her in the messages she sent requesting her wages. At the hearing, the judge asked Nichole whether

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