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Is Canadian whistleblower Andre Gauthier being made a scapegoat for Gold AE scandal?

André Gauthier The UAE does not like whistleblowers; and it seems Canada doesn’t either. Canadian national Andre Gauthier discovered that the hard way. When he identified and exposed a massive fraud being perpetrated by the management of Emirates’ investment firm Gold AE, potentially saving unwitting investors millions of dollars in continued losses, he never expected to eventually find himself accused of the crimes he had exposed. The alleged culprits of the scam fled the UAE shortly after Andre uncovered the fraud, and he was left to clean up the mess and recover whatever he could of the stolen funds. Meanwhile, from the safety of Canada, Mohammed Abu Alhaj, Gold AE’s former director, and

​Detained in Dubai appoints QC John Cooper in Princess Latifa case

Left: International human rights expert QC John Cooper, from 25 Bedford Row Chambers (leading the case). Right: Accomplished UK barrister and human rights expert Matthew Heywood from 1 Crown Office Row Chambers (acting as junior counsel) Acting as Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum’s legal representatives, Detained in Dubai and Captain Hervé Jaubert have instructed internationally renowned barrister John Cooper QC of 25 Bedford Row to advise in their ongoing case with the United Nations on behalf of the Dubai princess, with accomplished UK barrister Matthew Heywood of 1 Crown Office Row acting as Junior Counsel. Cooper is a respected figure in the international legal community, with expertise in huma

Unprecedented custody hearing of UAE royals set to begin in UK court​

The first hearing in the case of Princess Haya and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Princess of Jordan and Ruler of Dubai, respectively; is set for the end of this month. Haya fled the UAE and her marriage several weeks ago, with Sheikh Mohammed filing a suit for custody of their two young children in British court. Princess Haya was the most visible of Sheikh Mohammed’s wives, and a familiar figure in the UK. She suffered a severe media backlash after participating in an apparently staged photo op with Mary Robinson and Sheikha Latifa, following Latifa’s escape from the UAE and subsequent capture. International concern had been raised about Latifa’s safety and well-being; the meeting

​Spotlight on Qatar human rights: "Australian govt. may face lawsuit for wrongful death of Jose

Joseph Sarlak at risk of death in custody as AU govt. fails to intervene on his behalf Spotlight on Qatar human rights: “69 yr old Australian Jo Sarlak phoned me crying from Qatar prison as authorities won’t issue visa to get home” - Radha Stirling, Detained in Dubai My morning coffee was disturbed by a gut wrenching phone call from Joseph Sarlak this week, whose situation is highlighting endemic human rights abuses in the next country to host FIFA. While countries like the UAE, Saudi and Bahrain have been widely criticised, Qatar has been contrastly praised for human rights improvements, improvements I am simply not seeing. Jo has tried to be as strong as he could throughout the past three

“Disappointment” over Trudeau administration's progress in André Gauthier case

Trudeau's government under fire for lack of progress in freeing innocent Canadian Andre Gauthier. Radha Stirling explains the case André Gauthier case delayed further, as Detained in Dubai investigates the Gold AE fraud in finer detail. Gold AE was the UAE’s largest gold and silver investing company, perhaps the largest in the Middle East, until it was revealed that top executives were running a scam, misappropriating millions of dollars of investor funds for their personal use. The fraud was originally uncovered by Canadian national Andre Gauthier; then a minority shareholder in Gold AE; and Nico Consari; a British citizen who acted as an advisor to Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa al-Nahyan, who

Statement from Cptn Herve Jaubert on the custody battle between Sheikh Mohammed and his escaped wife

Captain Jaubert in front of the Nostromo. The US flagged yacht in which Latifa made her bid for freedom Captain Herve Jaubert is the former French spy who masterminded Sheikha Latifa's doomed escape attempt. He is her official representative and closest confidant. He felt obliged in this respect to speak out on her behalf in regards to the upcoming custody and divorce battle between Sheikh Mohammed and his escaped wife, Princess Haya “Even if partial or shared custody were granted, I am certain that the first time the children went to the UAE they would become captives and never allowed to see Princess Haya again” - Hervé Jaubert Hervé Jaubert statement on the cases of Princess Haya and Prin

Controversy. Radha Stirling (left) CEO of human rights organisation Detained In Dubai comments on Ni

Controversy. Radha Stirling (left) CEO of human rights organisation Detained In Dubai comments on Nicki Minaj's choice to perform in the repressive Middle East kingdom “There is, of course, controversy about Nicki Minaj choosing to perform at this event in Saudi Arabia. Due to her explicit lyrics and hyper-sexual persona, it seems a hypocritical choice for a country in which women are legally required to veil their faces, and were only permitted to drive last year. "More importantly, it demonstrates that the Saudi government is not serious about genuine and meaningful reform in the country. Saudi women want freedom and independence, agency and self-determination without repressive male gua

​Radha Stirling comments on the broader implications of the Princess Haya story:

Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum and Princess Haya separate Radha Stirling comments on the broader implications of the Princess Haya story: “The impact of Princess Haya’s escape from Dubai, and from her marriage to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, cannot be underestimated. We have already seen that the Ruler of Dubai is willing to mobilise state power, military resources, and diplomatic connections to manage his personal scandals and exert control over his family. When his daughter Sheikha Latifa escaped the UAE last March, he launched a joint military raid in international waters against a civilian vessel, kidnapped multiple foreign nationals, and abducted Latifa. He utilised Princess Haya’

Radha Stirling: "Latifa case proves Princess Haya had good reason to try and escape"

Desperate: Latifa (left) recording her testimony as protection in case she was recaptured. (right) Princess Haya, who now confirms Latifa was tortured and imprisoned by father Sheikh Mohammed It has been reported that Princess Haya made the decision to flee the UAE and her marriage to Dubai Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum after learning the truth about his alleged decades of abuse of his daughter Sheikha Latifa. After Latifa’s escape and capture last year, Princess Haya participated in a staged meeting for the media between herself, Latifa, and former Irish President Mary Robinson, in an attempt to counter the tidal wave of negative publicity Sheikh Mohammed faced over Latifa’s s

Radha Stirling responds to Sheikh Mohammed seeking custody of his children through foreign courts

"What we have seen is that the endemic human rights violations in the UAE very much reflect a top-down, authoritarian system. The abuses that permeate the legal system; torture, forced confessions, fabrication of evidence, and arbitrary detention; correspond with the attitude and behaviour of those at the highest levels of government. I have testified as an expert witness in several high profile cases defending against extradition to the UAE, and the United Kingdom has categorically refused to hand individuals over to the Emirates due to human rights concerns. "The UK courts should bear this in mind when determining Sheikh Mohammed’s suit for custody in this case. This is a man who not only

Saudi sisters’ asylum bid must not be overshadowed by escape of Princess Haya

Dua and Dalal (left). The two Saudi girls' lives are in danger, and they don't have Princess Haya's millions to help them. Only Radha Stirling (right) CEO of Detained In Dubai to fight their corner and find them a safe country to give asylum Repression of women in the Gulf is widespread, and cases like Princess Haya are the tip of the iceberg. Saudi sisters Dua and Dalal Khalid in urgent need of asylum while media attention focuses on the escape of Haya. As global attention has turned to the apparent asylum bid of Princess Haya bint Hussein and her escape from the UAE, reportedly with millions of dollars in tow; Saudi sisters Dua and Dalal Khalid are literally hiding out in Turkey in constan

Radha Stirling statement on asylum bid of Princess Haya

Left: Princess Haya seen with husband Sheikh Mohammed before her escape. Right: Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, an organisation which has become well known for helping Middle Eastern women escape oppression Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai released the following statement on the apparent asylum bid of Princess Haya, wife of the Ruler of Dubai: “When Sheikha Latifa called me in early 2018, she wanted us to help her seek asylum. When she was dragged from the yacht Nostromo by UAE Special Forces in the Indian Ocean a few days later, she was screaming for asylum; saying that she would rather die than be returned to the UAE. Several months later, Latifa appeared in a highly orch

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