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Radha Stirling (CEO of Detained In Dubai) addresses reports that Dubai Ruler’s wife, HH Sheikha Haya

Left: Sheikh Mohammed and "escaped" wife HH Sheikha Haya. Right: Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, commented in a statement today about reports that Princess Haya, wife of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of the UAE, has fled the Emirates and sought asylum in Germany: “We have received multiple reports regarding the story of Princess Haya, from sources close to the governments in Jordan, and the UAE; all of which indicate that she has sought political asylum in Germany. We cannot comment on the veracity of these reports, but such an event would clearly represent a powerful indictment against the UAE and

Indian housewife wrongly jailed in UAE over a bounced cheque she never wrote

Mary D’Souza has been in UAE detention for over 18 months In the UAE, guilt by association is a crime. Evidence of wrongdoing is often less important than simply being available to prosecute. Such is the case for 57 year old Indian national Mary Harold D’Souza, a middle-aged housewife in detention since January 2018 for crimes about which she had no knowledge. The case is a somewhat complicated shell game in which questionable middlemen made off with millions of dirhams and left the company Rabahi International insolvent, and Mary D’Souza criminally liable for a bounced company cheque she never wrote. Unfortunately, her name appears as a partner on Rabahi International’s business license, an

Saudi sisters seek asylum after a lifetime of abuse

#SAVEDUAANDDALAL Detained in Dubai has released a statement from Dua Khalid Al-Shweiki, one of the two sisters who have escaped alleged abuse in Saudi Arabia, fleeing from their family while in Turkey; for the first time providing details of their traumatic life under religiously strict parents and a harsh patriarchal system. CEO Radha Stirling commented, “I have been in continuous communication with Dua and Dalal since first learning of their plight. It is heartbreaking to hear what they have endured since childhood; constant bullying, intolerance, physical, verbal and psychological abuse from family members, peers, and the authorities. Their resilience is inspiring, and the courage in thei

​Detained in Dubai takes case of Saudi sisters Dua and Dalal in asylum bid

Dua and Dalal are seeking asylum and protection Detained in Dubai has taken the case of two sisters from Saudi Arabia have fled to Turkey and are seeking asylum to escape a litany of abuses they allege to have suffered. Dua and Dalal had posted short clips on Twitter appealing for help, saying that their father and brother are trying to chase them down in Turkey. The women claim to have been subjected to numerous human rights violations, including rape, sexual abuse, assault, and being forced into marriage against their will. “When I learned of their situation, I contacted them via Twitter immediately, but their account was suspended before they could reply,” says Radha Stirling, CEO of Deta

UAE disregard for Canadian concerns over Gauthier case

UAE Minster of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan meets Justin Trudeau It increasingly appears that the United Arab Emirates is dismissing Canada’s concerns about the case of whistleblower Andre Gauthier. Though Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland reportedly reached out to UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed, as well as Defence Minister Saif bin Zayed, 2 weeks ago, there is little sign that the Emirates is taking the Canadian government seriously. “The Candian embassy receives contradictory and unreliable information about Andre’s status and court proceedings,” said Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, who represent Mr. Gauthier. “Consular officials were uninformed o

Canada accused of “complicity” if it continues to promote UAE while citizen remains victim of “rampa

Andre Gauthier, before and after his incarceration. André Gauthier was extradited from Oman to the UAE on May 30th, roughly a month after attempting to get home to his family, following his 19 month arbitrary detention in Dubai, and over 4 years of legal turmoil. He was jailed in a country notorious for arbitrary detention, wrongful convictions and human rights violations after exposing a gold scandal that saw investors lose tens of millions of dollars. He is set to appear in court on Tuesday, where he will seek bail. From Oman, André sent Detained in Dubai a video appealing to the Canadian government and Justin Trudeau to diplomatically intervene in what has been yet another example of grav

Spy who helped Princess Latifa escape Dubai seeks legal action against satellite company he alleges

Hervé Jaubert discussed upcoming lawsuits and new book release Herve Jaubert, the ex-secret service agent and captain of the Nostromo, has announced plans to file a lawsuit against PLC Satellite provider KVH, Rhode Island NY, who, he alleges in his latest book, Princess Latifa & the Spy, disclosed his position following the high-profile escape of Princess Latifa from Dubai back in March, 2018.The suit alleges potential violations of data privacy and undisclosed damages against KVH Satellite Provider, Inc. (NASDAQ: KVHI) ("KVHI") and a number of its directors. The announcement is also seeking an inquiry into why the FBI have seemingly shelved their investigation into a case that saw a US vess

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