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André Gauthier questioned by agents and refused access to Canadian diplomats

Il vient d'être cuisiné par 5 policiers depuis des heures. Il n'a pas été autorisé à voir des représentants canadiens ou son avocat », rappelle le fils Alexis Gauthier, qui fait campagne désespérément pour la fin du calvaire de son père, à la suite de son extradition d'Oman vers les Émirats arabes unis. Les Emirats Arabes Unis sont des auteurs de violations des droits de l'homme qui ont été documentés», a déclaré Radha Stirling, témoin expert et PDG de Detained in Dubai. «Les Emirats Arabes Unis sont réputés pour leurs aveux forcés, leurs procès inéquitables, leurs détentions sans preuves, leurs violations des droits humains et leurs actes de torture. Le ressortissant britannique Lee Bradley

Andre Gauthier interrogated by officers and denied access to Canadian diplomats

“He has just been cooked by 5 police officers for hours. He hasn’t been allowed to see Canadian officials or his lawyer”, relays son Alexis Gauthier who is desperately campaigning for an end to his father’s ordeal, following his extradition from Oman to the UAE where is currently in police detention. “The UAE is a documented human rights abuser”, says Radha Stirling, an expert witness and CEO of Detained in Dubai. “The UAE is notorious for coerced and forced confessions, unfair trials, detentions without evidence, human rights violations and torture. British national Lee Bradley Brown was killed in police custody, with three witnesses attributing his death to police violence. “Foreign govern

Paris Shahravesh fights for inheritance, following mother’s arrest over “horse” comment on facebook

Paris Shahravesh, 14 fights for her inheritance in Dubai “After losing her father and after I was arrested for a facebook post, Paris’ now has to face losing her inheritance to her father’s second wife”, Paris’s mother Laleh Shahravesh told Detained in Dubai who secured her recent release. Paris Shahravesh was shocked to hear that so swiftly following her father’s death, his new wife had already arranged for a succession certificate to organised so she could claim the entirety of her late husband’s £500,000 estate. Neither Paris nor her mother were contacted by any parties and Paris was not included as an heir. She had since discovered that Paris was not included as an heir because the court

BREAKING: Canadian André Gauthier talks to media live while en route to UAE

André Gauthier is in the process of being deported to the UAE. Canadian Gold AE whistleblower Andre Gauthier has been granted phone access while en route to the UAE from Oman. Please contact Radha Stirling to arrange live interviews. This afternoon, Andre was loaded into a police vehicle and taken from Muscat for extradition to the UAE. The transfer has been paused over night, and it is expected that he will be handed over to UAE custody by 9am local time. An urgent message has been sent by Andre’s MP, Richard Martel to the Omani Foreign Ministry requesting a postponement of the extradition to allow the Canadian government to reach a diplomatic solution to Andre’s dilemma; and Mr. Martel is

PM Trudeau has power to save Andre from human rights violations in Dubai

PM of Canada & Sultan of Oman Supporters of Canadian detained in Oman appeal to Prime Minister to halt imminent extradition to UAE As the imminent extradition of Canadian citizen André Gauthier to the UAE grows nearer, the 65 year old’s son Alexis, human rights organisation Detained in Dubai, and MP Richard Martel appealed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for urgent intervention. “Canadian consular staff visited my father weeks ago in Oman, and I have been promised diplomatic representation by our government on behalf of my father ever since his detention,” Alexis said. “But nothing has materialised until now. The order for his extradition has already been issued by the Omani Public Prosecut

Son of Canadian facing extradition to UAE from Oman appeals to Sultan

André Gauthier before his detention (left). Son Alexis Gauthier campaigns for his safe return home. “We are scared, exhausted, and heartbroken after years of struggling to free my father from the unfair persecution he has endured in the UAE”, wrote Alexis Gauthier in a heartfelt appeal to Oman’s Ruler, Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, today; asking the leader to intervene in the case of his father, André Gauthier. André has been detained in Oman for nearly a month and faces possible extradition to the United Arab Emirates, where he has already endured over a year in arbitrary detention without charge, falsely accused of participating in a fraud he himself exposed and tried to prevent. The 65

Woman detained in Dubai over “horse” comment discovers it was all over money

Saga of Laleh Shahravesh continues... After finally being allowed to return to the UK to be reunited with her daughter, Laleh Shahravesh soon discovered that her conflict with the widow of her ex-husband Pedro, was still not over. Laleh’s story came to international attention last month when she was arrested upon arrival in the UAE and charged with violating the country’s Cybercrime laws for an old post on social media in which she referred to her ex-husband’s new wife as a “horse”. Laleh and her daughter, Paris, had traveled to the Emirates to pay their final respects to her late ex-husband; to make their final peace with him after years of estrangement following a sudden divorce, and his a

Polish UAE prisoner Artur Ligęska released from Abu Dhabi central jail last week, tells of condition

Artur Ligęska suffered over a year of detention and a life sentence before ruler intervened Artur Ligęska, who had been sentenced to life in Abu Dhabi prison contacted Detained in Dubai CEO Radha Stirling on Friday to surprise her with the delightful news that he was home safe in Poland. In April last year, he had been accused of possessing and consuming methamphetamines, something he had never done in his life. At his last court appearance, his defence attorney had argued that there was absolutely no proof for the charges against Artur, and the police report confirmed the complete absence of physical evidence. It had been a long, traumatic experience, but Artur felt confident that it would

“Cultural misunderstanding” behind imprisoned British teachers in Oman; Stirling calls for UK, Oman

Jennifer Green detained in Oman Two British teachers are being held in a prison in Oman accused of stealing dogs. Jenny Green, and a female friend say they rescued the dogs from an abusive owner, but they have been charged with theft, and potentially alcohol related charges. Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, has issued the following statement on the case: “This is yet another stark reminder that there are vast cultural and legal disparities between the West and the Gulf States. Jenny Green and her friend were in Oman working for the British Council, specifically to help promote UK culture in the country. They allegedly intervened to save abused animals, which is something honourable

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