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Detained in Dubai CEO Radha Stirling to address OffshoreAlert Conference 2019

Today the Who’s Who of finance, investment, corporate law, intelligence and economics will descend upon Miami for the OffshoreAlert Conference, an event organizers describe as a gathering where “the good guys, the bad guys, the seriously guilty” congregate to network, share ideas and information, and learn to “operate more effectively in the world of high-value international finance.” Detained in Dubai founder and CEO Radha Stirling will be addressing the conference on Monday in a session about the risks of doing business in the UAE and gulf region. “Foreign Direct Investment in the UAE has been rising steadily since the global financial crisis, and stands today at well over $10 billion, wit

British veteran’s wrongful detention in UAE challenged at the United Nations

Andy Neal, British verterán and PSTD sufferer detained in UAE British veteran Andrew Neal has been held in UAE without evidence for 7 months, Detained in Dubai has instructed Guernica International Justice Chambers as lead counsel to petition the United Nations High Commissioner, Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, and the Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment to push for his immediate release British citizen and 20 year veteran Andrew Neal was arrested in Dubai on October 4th because police had detained a suspected drug user who then supposedly identified Andy as his dealer. A search of Andy, his car and apartment produced no evidence

United Nations to hear case of British national "swapped” for Princess Latifa

Christian Michel, British national exchanged for Princess Latifa. UN to hear case of British national "swapped” for Princess Latifa British national Christian Michel was accused of involvement in corruption over the sale of AgustaWestland helicopters to the Indian Government in 2010, despite having been found innocent of those charges by the Italian High Court, India continued to seek his extradition from the UAE, where Mr Michel was a resident. The UAE refused India’s request on numerous occasions, but agreed to extradite Mr Michel following India’s cooperation in the capture of Princess Latifa Al Maktoum, the daughter of the Ruler of Dubai, who had fled the UAE to seek asylum. Mr Michel wa

Stirling urges FCO to update travel warnings in light of Laleh Shahravesh case

British legal group Detained in Dubai has urged the FCO to update its UAE travel warnings to UK tourists in an open letter penned by the organisation’s head, Radha Stirling. “We have frequently called upon the FCO to provide more accurate information to Britons about the many risks they face in the UAE which the current advisory does not cover,” Stirling said. “It is simply not enough to warn people to obey the laws and customs, when very often the legal system itself poses a threat even to law-abiding tourists who may be subjected to false arrests, fabricated cases, forced confessions, torture, and lack of representation.” Stirling’s letter specifically highlights the dangers inherent in th

British "facebook-horse" post prisoner in Dubai free to return home

Laleh Shahravesh, the British mum detained in Dubai over a years old Facebook post, finally looks set to be free. After an emotional but anticlimactic court hearing this morning, in which the judge adjourned Laleh’s case until a later date, Detained in Dubai received the welcome news that the judge has ordered Laleh to pay a fine of AED 3,000, and that her passport should be returned. She is then free to return to the UK At the time of writing, Laleh’s attorney has paid the fine, and procedures are underway to recover her passport. She should be home by early next week. Laleh’s family is ecstatic. Daughter Paris is relieved, and all involved express their gratitude for the outpouring of p

Still no freedom for Brit mum held for Facebook post, as judge postpones trial without date

Further anguish for British homeless shelter worker trapped in Dubai. Laleh Shahravesh was expecting to hear her fate today, only to be told by the Emirati judge that the case would be postponed, and no date given as to when. No relief for Laleh Shahravesh, or her daughter Paris, fraught with anxiety about a future without her mum. Instead, what was anticipated to be the day the court’s judgement would be issued became another painful delay in the case, as the complainant, Samah Al Hammadi failed to turn up, and was being represented by a new attorney who requested more time to acquaint himself with the case. Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, who is representing Laleh, said, “It appe

"Is my mum coming home, or going to jail?" Anguish of teen daughter as Brit mum waits to h

Tomorrow, Thursday April 11th, 14-year-old Paris Shahravesh Correia Dos Santos will find out if her mum is coming home, or going to jail in Dubai. Laleh Shahravesh, Paris’ mother, is being charged with violating Cybercrime laws in the United Arab Emirates for posting a mean comment on social media about her ex-husband’s new wife, and faces up to two years in prison and a $50,000 fine if convicted. The last few years have been a series of upheavals and turbulence for the quiet teenager, and the outcome of tomorrow’s hearing will determine whether or not her immediate future will be getting even worse, or provide her a chance for normalcy. Paris’ family moved to Dubai and were together for 8 m

​Radha Stirling responds to reports of possible withdrawal of Laleh case

Laleh’s accuser hinted to reporters that she may drop the case but no official withdrawal has taken place, and the case is slated for a court hearing this Thursday. Detained in Dubai CEO Radha Stirling has issued the following statement: “We have seen reports stating that complainant, Ms Hammadi, is considering withdrawing her case against Laleh out of respect for her late husband’s love for his daughter Paris who has been separated from her mother for nearly a month because of the case, and who suffered the trauma of detention the moment she and her Mum arrived in Dubai. “Ms Hammadi has apparently expressed her willingness to drop the charges to reporters, but no formal steps have been take

"Please let my mum come home your Highness." Daughter of Brit mum trapped in Dubai for Fac

Paris Shahravesh, the 14 year old daughter of the London mum facing jail in Dubai over a rash Facebook post has written a heartbreaking letter to Sheikh Mohammed, pleading with him to set her mother free and let come home. Mum Laleh Shahravesh has been trapped in Dubai since the 10th of March Here is the full content of the letter: April 8, 2019 Your Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, My name is Paris Shahravesh Correia Dos Santos (14 years of age), and my mother, Laleh Shahravesh, is and has been detained in your country for 28 days, after our visit to Dubai to pay our respects to my late father, Pedro Manuel Fialho

“Shocking and dangerous treatment” of innocent Brit ex soldier PTSD victim jailed in Dubai

The parents of a former British army dog handler and war hero being held in a Dubai jail, despite police admitting he is innocent, say he has had his PTSD condition and mental vulnerability exploited in an sinister and cynical attempt to make him “confess” to the crime. Andrew Neal has been held in a terrifying Dubai jail among hardened criminals for 5 months, with no end in sight, despite the police and prosecution admitting he is innocent. The combat dog handler veteran suffers from severe PTSD following his stressful tours of duty in Afghanistan, Iraq and Bosnia. Maurice and Sue Neal, Andrew’s mother and father claim that the UAE authorities are exploiting the former soldier’s vulnerable

British mother faces 2 years jail and £50,000 fine in Dubai, because of old Facebook posts

Widely criticised “cybercrime” laws in Dubai mean that a London single mum has been arrested together with her 14 year old daughter at Dubai airport. She now faces up to two years in jail and a fine of £50,000 for two facebook posts she made in 2016 about her ex husband’s new wife. She made the two posts while living in the UK Londoner Laleh Shahravesh, 55, was married to Portuguese husband Pedro for 18 years. They had lived in Dubai for 8 months where he worked for HSBC. She returned to London with their daughter Paris, and he was to join them once work commitments had been resolved. A few months later, she was shocked and devastated to receive divorce papers. Shortly after, Laleh opened Fa

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