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Minister of State, Alistair Burt to meet with family of Andy Neal - innocent veteran held for 6 mont

Concern over the unjust detention of British veteran Andy Neal grows every day that his incarceration is prolonged. Tomorrow, Thursday March 21, 2019, Minister of State Alistair Burt and MP Mark Spencer will be meeting with Andy’s parents to discuss their son’s plight and what the British government is doing to help secure his release. “We are very grateful to see the Minister’s keenness to support Andy and his family,” says Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, whose organisation is representing Neal. “MP Mark Spencer has been involved since the early days in the case, and respected officers of the British military have been vocal in their calls for the government to intervene on Andy’s

Family fearful as British veteran Andy Neal is moved to Abu Dhabi facing life in prison

Decorated veteran Andy Neal has been held in Dubai prison for over five months on allegations of selling drugs. The police investigation showed no evidence of any such crime, and the witness confirmed that it was not Andy he spoke of, when he made a statement. Despite police assurances that Andy would be released soon, he has now been moved to Abu Dhabi, something he and his family had dreaded would lead the investigation to “begin again”. Detained in Dubai’s CEO, Radha Stirling, who is representing the family said “the move to Abu Dhabi is highly concerning where conditions are worse than Dubai. Andy has been struggling to keep himself together while in custody, but has at least been able t

“Brits - Please support veteran Andy Neal & Stop Visiting Dubai!” - desperate father pleads

Desperation is building as army veteran dog handler Andy Neal's imprisonment continues. “I simply can't believe that Dubai can lock up my son for nearly half a year without just cause and the UK government has left them get away with it. It's heartbreaking to learn that this is not even an isolated incident, that Dubai has been doing this to British nationals for years and that, an organisation like Detained in Dubai even has to exist. The British government is aware that Dubai jails people without evidence but they don't tell you about that on their website. The perception they create is that if you obey the law, you'll be fine and that's exactly what Andy did, he's not fine - he's a hostag

Australia’s Four Corners to air harrowing story of Princess Latifa’s doomed escape

One year on since a violent raid at sea crushed Sheikha Latifa’s dream of freedom, the BBC Two documentary on her story, Escape from Dubai: The Mystery of the Missing Princess, will air on the ABC’s Four Corners programme this Monday. Australian human rights and UAE expert Radha Stirling, whose organisation Detained in Dubai has led the effort to secure Latifa’s release, remembers well the night the princess was captured, “Latifa contacted me after she set out on the yacht Nostromo, heading for India, and we were in regular communication during their tense journey across the sea,” Stirling recalls, “They were a few miles from the shore of Goa when Latifa phoned me in a panic, pleading for he

MOU reveals UK-UAE collusion in covering up abuses as Britons languish in Dubai jails

Abu Dhabi's Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan with Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt CREDIT: REUTERS The British government signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Arab Emirates intended to help the UAE’s media effectiveness in the UK and at home to emphasise the UAE government’s good side, even while British national Matthew Hedges was being held in solitary confinement in an Emirates’ state security prison for researching his PhD thesis in the country. Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, expressed concern about the implications of the MOU, and said that rather than devoting its energy to helping the UAE improve its image, the British government should be focuse

Former MP and Shadow Homeland Security Spokesman, Colonel Patrick Mercer, joins the outcry over the

Colonel Patrick Mercer. Former commanding officer of the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters (left). Andrew Neal (right) Colonel Mercer was the commanding officer of the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment when Andrew was serving as a private soldier. Since then, Mercer has gone on to serve as the MP for Newark, rising to the heights of Shadow Homeland Security Spokesman for the Conservative party before controversial comments about army life led to him leaving politics and starting a new career as a highly successful author. Colonel Mercer has since published some 15 well reviewed books, mainly fiction but also several highly regarded military histories. After hearing the deta

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