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Latifa case a turning point for UAE; US concern growing

Detained in Dubai CEO Radha Stirling, a leading international expert on Human Rights and legal abuse in the UAE, is currently in Washington D.C. to address the Frontiers of Freedom conference entitled, “Saudi Arabia & UAE: Regional Adventures & US Interests”, during which she will discuss the UAE’s March 4th illegal raid on US-registered yacht, Nostromo, in international waters, and the subsequent abduction of all onboard, undertaken in an effort to recapture the fleeing daughter of Sheikh Mohammed, the Ruler of Dubai. Stirling will explain the ramifications of this act, as well as what she describes as the “dangerous trajectory” of the Emirates’ behaviour as illustrated most recently by the

Frontiers of Freedom Conference in Washington today - Saudi Arabia & UAE: Regional Adventures &a

Detained in Dubai founder and CEO, Radha Stirling, leading international expert on Human Rights and legal abuses in the UAE, will be speaking in Washington D.C. at the Frontiers of Freedom conference entitled, “Saudi Arabia & UAE: Regional Adventures & US Interests”. Other speakers at the event include Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Gerry Connolly, and the foundation’s president, George Landrith. “I have noted that the trajectory of the United Arab Emirates has observably veered in a more radical direction as the Saudi-Emirati relationship has deepened during their common dispute with Qatar and their joint military campaign in Yemen,” says Stirling, “Over the past ten years we have seen innu

Detention of Bahraini refugee in Thailand highlights Gulf state Interpol abuse

Detained in Dubai CEO Radha Stirling released the following statement on the detention and potential extradition of Bahraini national Hakeem Ali Mohamed Ali AlAraib: "Hakeem Ali Mohamed Ali AlAraib was granted political asylum in Australia last year following a thorough investigation into his claims of political persecution in his home country of Bahrain; yet today Mr AlAraib is being detained in Thailand because Bahrain is seeking his extradition. This politically motivated request should have been immediately refused by Interpol; Mr Alaraib has already suffered torture at the hands of Bahraini authorities in 2012, and there is no question that he would face similar, or worse treatment if T

Detained in Dubai statement on pardon of Matthew Hedges, Brit academic jailed for life for "spy

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, who have been actively pushing for the release of British academic Matthew Hedges, commented today on the pardon just issued by the UAE government: “We are happy that Matthew Hedges has been released, but let us be clear, the UAE is trying to get themselves off the hook by issuing this pardon; they are asking for clemency, not granting it. “Matthew should never have been arrested; never should have been forced to sign a false confession in Arabic; never should have been locked up in solitary confinement for six months; never should have been tried for the outlandish charge of espionage; and most certainly never should have been sentenced to life impr

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, statement on the shock life sentencing of UK student Matth

Statement from Radha Stirling (CEO of Detained in Dubai): "The announcement that Matthew Hedges has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Abu Dhabi has sent shockwaves through the British and international community as well as the academic community who I have advised to suspend research trips to the Emirates. UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt told the press he was 'deeply shocked and disappointed', adding that Wednesday's sentencing was 'not what London expected from an ally.' 'Today's verdict is not what we expect from a friend and trusted partner of the United Kingdom and runs contrary to earlier assurances,' Hunt said in a statement. 'The handling of this case by the UAE authorities wil

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