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Briton trapped in Mallorca, Spain facing extradition proceedings to Qatar over £30k debt - Latest vi

British father of 3 Steven Williams from Wales, is stuck in Mallorca, Spain pending extradition proceedings to Qatar over an outstanding debt, despite having made consistent monthly payments. If Steven is sent to Qatar, he could face decades in prison. Like the UAE, Qatar has been increasingly misusing Interpol as an instrument for debt collection, though the international policing organisation has no remit to intervene in private civil disputes. Radha Stirling, a leading expert on legal issues in the Middle East, extradition and CEO of Detained in Dubai & Detained in Doha, said, “It is absolutely astonishing that Interpol has not responded to calls for checks and balances to be placed on me

United Nations considers next actions to find missing Princess Latifa after India and UAE’s failure

Geneva is a long way from the Arabian Gulf, but last Friday, a special closed session of the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances (WGEID) heard testimony from witnesses and international experts about the disturbing events surrounding the abduction of Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum off the coast of India. It's been over 6 months since Princess Latifa's distress call on the 4th of March to Detained in Dubai CEO Radha Stirling, when her yacht was brutally attacked by Indian and Emirati forces and she, along with 5 foreign nationals were kidnapped. Within days of her disappearance and denial of asylum from India, Guernica Chambers was instructed by Stirling to raise the matter

Brit alleged missing after Dubai rules extradition to India in apparent reciprocation for India’s ro

Indian media has reported a Dubai court has ruled to extradite British national Christian Michel to India over charges of bribery and corruption. Last July Indian officials traveled to the UAE to request Michel be handed over into Indian custody, in an apparent attempt to override international protocols on extradition. Perhaps in response to this request, the UAE undertook extradition proceedings. Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, and a leading expert on the UAE legal system expressed concerns that Michel may not be receiving due process, and that his extradition is a political, not legal move. “On March 4th, 2018, India and the UAE jointly executed an illegal raid of an American ci

​Asa Hutchinson convicted in absentia, sentenced to 3 months in Dubai jail after witnessing brawl

A Dubai court sentenced Briton Asa Hutchinson in absentia for being a witness to an alleged assault. Her testimony was dismissed, and she unable to defend herself in court. The UAE frequently commits such violations of basic due process. Asa's case was highlighted to press and UK government earlier this year with support from Detained in Dubai and Priti Patel, MP: Priti Patel, MP responds to requests for support from 21 yr old Asa Hutchinson, trapped in Dubai. British national Asa Hutchinson was convicted in absentia by a court in Dubai over an incident to which she was merely a witness. It has been reported in the UAE that Asa has been jailed for an alleged assault on a Swedish businessman

Australians voicing outrage over Qatar’s mistreatment of citizen

68 year old Australian national Joseph Sarlak may spend the rest of his life in a Qatari prison after a local partner allegedly embezzled his company’s funds, and Australians are voicing their anger In 2004, Queensland native Joseph Sarlak opened Clearspan Technology in Qatar. According to the investment rules at the time, Sarlak needed to appoint a local partner who would legally have 100% ownership of the company. It was unavoidable; so Joseph selected Sheikh Khalid Fahad Mohammed Saud Al Thani, a member of the Royal Family, and someone he thought worthy of his complete trust. However, when Sheikh Khalid began to experience personal financial troubles, according to Sarlak, he did not hesit

British FCO confirms it is illegal for tourists to drink alcohol in the UAE and even in flight

Following widespread confusion regarding the alcohol laws in the UAE, the UK government has advised citizens that it is wholly illegal for tourists to drink alcohol in the country or even onboard flights destined to or through Dubai. Detained in Dubai will be contacting relevant airlines to discuss their policies. Ellie Holman was recently charged with invading the privacy of an official at Dubai International Airport and consuming a glass of wine provided to her by Emirates Airlines highlighting alcohol laws in the gulf state. She was jailed with her 4 year old daughter for 3 days and kept in the country to face prosecution. The British consular office has responded by clarifying alcohol l

Amnesty International joins Detained in Dubai, The United Nations, and Human Rights Watch in calls f

Detained in Dubai welcomes Amnesty International’s calls for release of Princess Latifa Al Maktoum, daughter of the Ruler of Dubai, who has been detained incommunicado for six months in the UAE after being abducted by Indian and Emirati special forces during an attempt to flee the country to seek asylum in America. Amnesty International, on the 6 month anniversary of Princess Latifa’s disappearance, called on the UAE and Indian governments “to investigate and hold to account all officials implicated in unlawful acts in the course of its raid on the Nostromo, including arbitrary detention and physical abuse which may rise to the level of torture. The organisation calls on the UAE to grant She

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