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Indian family man & lawyer Johnson George, breaks down in court after being denied bail in RAK f

When Johnson George was denied bail again at a recent hearing, the 48 year-old lawyer broke down in the Ras Al Khaimah courtroom, tears streaming down his face as guards led him back to a holding cell. He has been in detention since January 2018 for a crime allegedly committed by his former employer over ten years ago. Back in 2002, Johnson joined the Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone Authority as legal manager; he oversaw the drafting of contracts and agreements with their investors under the direction of the RAKFTZA CEO ; it was a great opportunity and it enabled Johnson to provide a good life for his wife and two small children, as well as his aged parents back in the Indian state of Kerala.

British/Irish grandfather’s UAE jail nightmare after disagreement with hotel staff over visiting fri

52 year old John Murphy, from Blackheath in London has already spent 6 weeks in a UAE jail he describes as “like Dante’s Inferno.” He now faces a further 2 to 3 years sentence plus deportation due to a “fabricated charge of sexual assault” made against him by hotel security staff, who claimed that John “sexually assaulted both of them repeatedly in the crowded hotel lobby.” This type of charge is commonly laid by Arabic men against Western men following any kind of physical confrontation, as evidenced in the world famous Jamie Harron case of 2017 John, a devout Christian and father of 3 has a proud British forces background and his engineering skills led to him becoming Operations Manager fo

Warning to Indian investors in Ras al Khaimah UAE following detention of Indian national for a crime

47 year old Johnson George, married with two children, has been locked up in the heavily promoted investment hub of Ras al Khaimah. Detained in Dubai has warned foreigners of the history of legal abuse in the emirate and how a wrongful accusation with an ulterior motive, is sufficient to have investors and workers jailed and their assets seized. Indian national Johnson George has been in detention in Ras Al Khaimah since the beginning of the year, apparently because the government is unable to prosecute his employer who relocated to the United States facing similar charges he denies. Mr George was held without charge for over 6 months, and though he was ultimately charged for a financial cri

London mum and 4 year old daughter jailed together in Dubai over mum’s glass of wine & offending

Mother of 3, Swedish national and Kent resident Dr Ellie Holman was arrested on the 13th of July 2018 for having a single glass of wine on her Emirates Airline flight to Dubai. An immigration official questioned her about her entry visa, and asked her if she had consumed any alcohol. Ellie told the truth that she was offered one glass on the plane. She was charged with offending the immigration officer and consuming a glass of wine. Both of them were initially denied food, water and restroom access, then held in prison for 3 days together. Now Ellie faces being detained in Dubai for up to a year awaiting her court hearing. 44 year old Ellie Holman is a Swedish Dentist living with her Engli

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