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Qatar’s Emir in UK as innocent Brit languishes in Doha jail over bounced cheques & falsified acc

While Qatar’s Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani is visiting the UK, enjoying the hospitality of London; two expats are languishing in a Doha jail and may never see England again. Jonathan Nash and Australian cellmate Joseph Sarlak have both been sentenced to what amounts to life imprisonment for nothing more than bounced cheques, a serious crime of which they were both set up. Both cases are strikingly similar, each was essentially framed by their Qatari business partners and held personally liable for company cheques that could have been paid, but which the companies arbitrarily refused to honour. In other words, their business partners decided to have them jailed. Both men were denied fair tri

​FBI & UN investigating as illegal rendition of Dubai princess snowballs into dangerous new poli

UAE-India raid to capture Princess Latifa is spiralling into a new levels of disregard for legal protocols and International Law, as UAE remains unaccountable. Detained in Dubai who has dealt with more than 10,000 cases of injustice over the past decade, warned that the rogue actions of the UAE and India in raiding a US registered vessel in international waters to capture Princess Latifa Al Maktoum in March of this year, abducting five foreign nationals along with her, including an American citizen; would set a dangerous precedent that would have multiple regional repercussions if the two countries faced no consequences. So far, despite an FBI investigation into the abduction of US citizen H

​British National facing extrajudicial extradition as UAE and India trade favours in wake of Latifa

Briton Christian Michel may be denied due process as Indian officials press UAE for extradition in gratitude for India’s collaboration in the capture of Princess Latifa A British national appears to be caught in the ‘politics of favours’ between the UAE and India in the wake of India’s collaboration in the abduction of Dubai princess Latifa Al Maktoum in March. India is seeking the extradition of Christian Michel in connection with a high profile financial scandal; but rather than pursuing the normal legal channels, Indian authorities have traveled to the UAE to request Michel be handed over to Indian custody; in what appears to be an expectation of reciprocity. On March 4th of this year, th

India seeking favours from UAE after their extrajudicial return of Dubai's runaway Princess Lati

India requests extradition of Christian Michel, after having breached international law in returning Princess Latifa to Dubai as a "favour" to strengthen diplomatic relations. But what is India doing to preserve the rights of Indians in the UAE who have been subject to wrongful imprisonment and human rights violations? Of course the Indian government’s request to the UAE for the extradition of Christian Michel has to be understood in the context of India’s collaboration with the UAE in the kidnapping of Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum. What we are seeing is a trend between the two countries to dismiss international legal norms and protocols, and to instead engage in the politics of favours. Indian

Australia demands UAE respond to world's questions about missing princess & travel warnings

Last Sunday Australia’s most-watched and award winning television news program exposed the shocking story of Princess Latifa, daughter of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the prime minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai. Though it has been nearly 5 months since her dramatic escape from the Emirates and her subsequent tragic capture at the hands of UAE special forces and the Indian Coast Guard; the 60 Minutes broadcast brought Latifa’s story to for the first time to a mass Australian audience. After the story aired, reporter Tom Steinfort tweeted to Sheikh Mohammed, “… Where is your daughter? The world needs answers”, echoing the sentiments of a growing number of concerned organisatio

​Expats shocked Qatar & UAE banks are getting away with using INTERPOL as unsuspecting debt coll

INTERPOL’s global reputation been damaged over the last decade due to their negligence in allowing member countries to misuse the international law enforcement organisation. More specifically, serious questions have been raised regarding transparency, as Interpol’s top funders have proven to also be the leading abusers of its system. Interpol, as an international organisation, has largely escaped accountability through its complex setup and a level of inaccessibility that amounts to immunity from scrutiny or redress. Interpol’s primary role is to communicate information between countries, often with a view to requesting a country to process an arrest and extradition of a wanted individua

​Australian family’s distress over 68 year old businessman & father of 3 with, Joseph Sarlak fac

Australian Family man Joe Sarlak’s nightmare began on the 31st of July 2016, nearly two years ago, when he was tricked into attending a meeting to discuss his plans to leave Qatar. He has been in Doha prison ever since and, now experiencing serious health problems, fears he will die in Doha jail. In 2004, Joe was operating a business called Clearspan Technology in Queensland & Northern NSW, Australia, when he was asked to provide a quote for a civil project for Qatar Airways Emiri Hangar. He won the bid but the legal system in Qatar is quite unexpected to most foreigners. Sarlak required a local sponsor who would entirely own the newly registered Qatar based division of Clearspan. Sarlak

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