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​2 more “Interpol Abuse” victims removed from Interpol, as UAE continues reporting debts as fraud

The UAE has come under widespread criticism in recent years for “treating Interpol as their personal debt collectors.” Whether it is a credit card debt, a personal loan or a bounced cheque in relation to a commercial or business transaction, Interpol is seen as a recovery tool by banks, government and the private sector. Detained in Dubai had the pleasure of announcing the removal of two Interpol notices for clients last week. In both cases, the reports should never have been issued in the first place and are the result of the systematic abuse of Interpol’s database by the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries. Unlike in the Western world, UAE law regards debt as a criminal matter. If a cus

Detained in Dubai offer help to UAE Embassy regarding the Emirates’ international image problem.

On Friday UK based NGO, Detained in Dubai, approached the UAE embassy in London with a written offer to share experience and advice regarding the alarming and seemingly indiscriminate detention of visitors in the Emirates. A Detained In Dubai staff member hand delivered an open letter to the UAE embassy in London’s Belgravia. The UAE is keen to establish a reputation as a desirable destination for tourists as well as an international business hub, but many Westerners are avoiding the Emirates due to fear of the unforgiving legal system. Recent high profile cases include British citizens who faced jail for (to the Western mind) trivial reasons, including brushing past a man in a bar, making a

Priti Patel, MP responds to requests for support from 21 yr old Asa Hutchinson, trapped in Dubai.

Parents of Asa Hutchinson, trapped in Dubai, seek Priti Patel’s support to bring her home following false allegations in the tourist hotspot. 21 Year old Asa Hutchinson is facing prison in Dubai for being in the vicinity of a dispute between some young British boys and Swedish IBM executive, Bjorn Roden. Asa’s parents, Ian and Lucie, attended Parliament with Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai who is representing Asa, to meet Rt. Hon Priti Patel MP, the former International Development Secretary to discuss what possible assistance or intervention the UK government could undertake. Asa’s ordeal started when her friends had taken photos of a man who was asleep on the sofa of a hotel lobby

Malaysian national Richard Lau finally released following successful campaign

Malaysian national Richard Lau released from nearly a year's detention without charge following media campaign and intervention by Malaysian Government. Detained in Dubai is happy to announce the release of their client Richard Lau after nearly a year in detention without charge. Worldwide press attention and a media campaign led by Detained in Dubai and Richard’s family, drew the attention of Wisma Putra (the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to the plight of Malaysian national Richard Lau who had been detained in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) prison for over 10 months. The Malaysia Minister of Foreign Affairs Anifah Aman stepped in to help, meeting with RAK Ruler Saud bin Saqr al Qasimi and ot

Lau hopes for freedom before Chinese New year after 10 months UAE detention, thanks to Malaysian For

Malaysian Foreign Minister discusses Richard Lau case; set to visit citizen detained without charge in UAE for 10 months. Renewed hope for his return home in time for Chinese New Year celebrations. In a statement, Dato' Sri Anifah Aman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia, has announced he has been in discussion with UAE ministers and Sultan Sayeed Badi, Minister of Justice in the UAE, regarding the ongoing detention without charge of Malaysian national, Richard Lau. Dato' Sri Anifah Aman was accompanied by the Ambassador of Malaysia to the UAE, the Consul General of Malaysia in Dubai and officers of the Malaysian General Consulate in Dubai, who met for 30 minutes. The announcement c

Richard Lau release from 10 months of detention without charge imminent

Richard Lau, Malaysian national detained without charge for almost a year is due for imminent release, following intervention from Malaysia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah and NGO Detained in Dubai. Yesterday, Malaysia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anifah Aman, held a meeting with the Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasim, and other government authorities to request that Mr. Richard Lau be released on bail, subject to local law, while waiting for his court case. The Foreign Minister is also urging that his case be resolved as soon as possible. In response, officials in Ras Al Khaimah declared their intention to settle the case as soon as possible.

UAE legal abuse and wrongful convictions in absentia, Interpol and licensing repercussions amongst f

The dangers of investing and doing business in Dubai have been published worldwide, particularly since the country itself essentially went bankrupt during the global financial crisis of 2008. Expats left their sports cars at the airport, abandoned their properties and investments, to avoid the real possibility of being jailed or held in the country for the downward spiral effect of the economic downturn. Over the past ten years, Detained in Dubai, an international organisation and legal advisory has dealt with thousands of cases of foreigners who have been wrongfully accused of embezzlement, breach of trust and fraud as well as countless individuals who have been jailed over bounced cheques

Distraught father pleas for IBM exec to drop charges against innocent daughter Asa Hutchinson

Asa Hutchinson, the young British woman possibly facing years in prison in Dubai for “witnessing someone else’s crime”, was discussed on BBC Radio this morning. Asa’s father, Ian Hutchinson revealed more information to the BBC in an attempt to raise concern and seek a resolution to his daughter’s nightmare. In his first broadcast interview on the matter, Iain Hutchinson said he has met with FCO officials and that they are going to offer Asa the help she so urgently needs. Asa remains in Dubai, where she has been since 2016 when she witnessed a scuffle in a hotel lobby, shortly thereafter being wrongfully charged along with the actual assailants.. Asa, originally from Chelmsford in Essex, was

French national Reda Boulahdid and wife tell of blackmail ordeal by UAE customs officials

Mr. Boulahdid who is represented by UK legal group Detained in Dubai, says that his nightmare began with what he thought was a joke. A customs official visited his warehouse and demanded Boulahdid make him a partner in the company. Then, while he was out of the country, Ras Al Khaimah customs officials shut down his warehouse and authorities demanded he pay 20% of his business income to them. No reasons were given for the closure, and no justification offered for why he should pay them a percentage of his profits. When he didn’t pay, a series of false allegations of commercial fraud were made against him and his car production factory was closed. “Overnight four people were jobless. My entir

UK based NGO Detained in Dubai celebrate 10 years of success

Ten years after forming Detained in Dubai to support foreign visitors and residents suffering human and civil rights abuses in the United Arab Emirates, CEO Radha Stirling has emerged as the leading international expert on the UAE legal system, and a successful campaigner for justice in dozens of high profile cases. Detained in Dubai has taken on and won a huge amount of cases involving British nationals unjustly accused, detained, or sought for extradition to the Gulf state. Recently the organisation’s work has expanded to include similar issues in Qatar, particularly cases pertaining to commercial and civil disputes. This week, Radha’s work brings her to London to appear at the ACCA (Assoc

American citizen facing 7 years in Dubai jail for using the word “bitch” on Instagram.

An American entrepreneur and former inspirational speaker who was trying to make a future for himself and his family in Dubai has fallen foul of the Middle Eastern state’s harsh and ill-defined Cybercrime Laws. Fitness professional Jordan Branford, 44, from Eugene, Oregon in the USA used the word 'bitch' on Instagram. In the socially conservative state of Dubai, 'bitch' can be interpreted as an offensive word, even when not directed at a specific person; and in the UAE is subject to criminal sanctions. A complaint was brought against him by his estranged wife, despite the fact nobody was named in Jordan’s post, and the American father found himself in court, convicted and sentenced to a fine

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