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Family of Ras Al Khaimah prisoner Richard Lau just want him “home for Chinese New Year.” Investors c

Malaysian citizen Richard Lau has been detained in the UAE for almost a year for receiving his wages. He has been detained pending investigation, with his detention regularly being renewed as the Ras Al Khaimah authorities have not been able to find or produce evidence to charge him with any crime. He is paradoxically being detained precisely because there is not evidence to justify his detention. In the UAE, a person under investigation should be held for no more than three weeks before being automatically released, but Richard, like numerous others, continues in detention as though he has been convicted. Just this year, British man Nico Consari, was finally released from detention after a

Malaysian government needs to support Richard Lau, imprisoned in UAE without charge for receiving hi

Richard’s lengthy detention without charge has shocked Malaysian and Chinese nationals who had felt that the UAE was a safe place to work and invest in. Although Detained in Dubai has dealt with thousands of similar cases over the past decade, most cases are not published in the media. When they are, professionals and investors ask themselves if they would want to take the risk of becoming involved in a country whose judicial system is so volatile and open to abuse. Radha Stirling, Detained in Dubai’s CEO said “Richard’s detention is unlawful and the Malaysian government needs to push the UAE to be accountable for their actions. They either need to charge and bail Richard or release him imme

Young British girl facing jail in Dubai for witnessing argument in hotel lobby, as actual suspects

Asa Hutchinson, a 21 year old Dubai resident was leaving brunch with a group of visiting friends when she witnessed an argument between some boys who were in her party and a drunk Swedish man in his 50s who had been asleep on a couch in the hotel lobby. Since then, all of the visitors have left the UAE, but expat Asa, a "quiet, sensible girl" has been charged by the drunk aggressor and faces jail for nothing more than witnessing the argument. Asa, originally from Chelmsford in Essex, was leaving Dusty's in the DIFC district when she saw the events taking place. Asa tells us that some of the boys had taken selfies with the sleeping drunk, who is a technology company executive. "The man woke u

Man detained in Dubai for "making too much money."

A Malaysian national has been held in the UAE without charge for over half a year, for no other reason than being paid for his work. Richard Lau was arrested last April, along with several others, based on accusations from an Emirati businessman that Richard’s salary and commissions constitute embezzlement from his company. Although there is no evidence of wrongdoing, Richard’s detention continues to be extended every two weeks as the Public Prosecutor requests more time to investigate. Every other accused party has been released, while Richard remains in jail. The Emirati Walid Jumaa Abu Shabas, accused eight people, including his partners, of stealing funds from the Ras Al Khaimah subsidia

Shock at eight month “spite jailing” of Malaysian national Richard Lau. Imprisoned in Dubai for rece

41 year old Richard Lau, from Kuching, Sarawak State in Malaysia has been in jail for eight months in Dubai for being paid his wages. Richard who worked as a project coordinator for the Shin Yang shipping company at its UAE subsidiary in Ras Al Khaimah, was caught in the crossfire of an argument between the Emirati owner of the subsidiary and the parent company. Eight people were accused of stealing funds by the UAE businessman. These “stolen funds” were in fact the wages that Richard Lau and his coworkers were due, and paid to them by their company exactly as they had been promised. Walid Jumaa Abu Shabas, the Emirati businessman who owned the subsidiary argued that he had not approved the

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