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Bed-bound British stroke victim detained in Dubai over debt

It's the same story we are all hearing at the moment; people are aghast at the way expats are treated in UAE. Malcolm Munroe is a 70 year old man from Chorlton in Manchester who moved to Dubai to live his dream in 1983. He ran a successful roofing and cladding company which had several hundred employees. Life was good for Malcolm and his family for many years. But like the experience of many foreigners in the UAE - everything was very good when it was good and bad beyond description once it had gone bad. When the only safety net provided to protect British Nationals in Dubai, the British Embassy is preoccupied with maintaining a tranquil relationship with the UAE, things can spiral out of co

Dubai releases Brit under international media pressure, but secretly place him on Interpol watch lis

Jamil Mukadam one of the many recent high profile Brits detained in Dubai for seemingly trivial offences has been released, but the UAE has not done so in good grace. Mukadam was told by his management that he has been secretly placed on an Interpol watch list by Dubai authorities since leaving, meaning his UK government job is at risk. Jamil Mukadam was released on October 12th 2017 from his ordeal. The 22 year old UK government employee was nearly run off the road by a dangerous driver. He reflexively raised his middle finger to the other party in a flash of anger. Any kind of rude gesture is a jailable offence in Dubai, including the popular “middle finger emoji” in Whatsapp. Jamil had sp

Another Scottish victim of the UAE legal system comes forward - "2 years detained in Dubai for

"2 years UAE detention for £2 taxi fare." After the recent cases of Jamie Harron and Billy Barclay, another Scotsman has come forward to speak about his own Middle East nightmare. 46-year-old businessman David Ballantine, reportedly lost his life savings after being detained in the UAE for 2 years after a mixup with a £2 taxi payment. David’s explains how his own Dubai ordeal began in May 2013 with a mix up over a ride in a government owned state taxi. David says there had been some confusion with the taxi driver setting off with the wrong people in the car. According to David, he had told the taxi driver to stop, but the driver ignored him for 50 metres before pulling over near a police

Dow Chemical Company abandons employee left brain dead after negligent medical operation in UAE

Imran Hussain, husband and father of four, was rendered permanently brain damaged after Dubai’s Mediclinic malpractice during post-operative care, the family is claiming in court. He was working in Dubai for American multinational Dow Chemical, after having been head-hunted when the incident occurred and was responsible for bringing in new clients and cashflow for the company. He is now permanently incapacitated, unable to support his family and is himself, being sued by Mediclinic, who instructed Al Tamimi law firm to represent them, for the additional hospital bills of AED 1,300,000. To top it off his employer has, despite pleas, terminated his employment and therefore, residency visa, lea

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