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Class action against UK Government for failing in duty of care to British citizens in countries like

A landmark class action against the UK government is being prepared by clients of Radha Stirling and a UK Queen’s Counsel. The action is based on the UK government’s failure in its duty of care towards citizens about the dangers of places like Dubai and the UAE. The Government has failed to give sufficient warning to UK nationals travelling to the Sharia governed desert state, it has failed to respond to requests for help for British citizens who fall foul of the strict laws, and when it does respond, it takes almost no action on behalf of its citizens. The Treaty between the UK and UAE on judicial assistance in civil and commercial matters. (2009) states in Article 1 that, “Nationals of one

Ruler of Dubai exonerates Jamie Harron

By special order of the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, Jamie Harron has been freed. The cases against him have been dismissed, and the sentence imposed by the court yesterday has been nullified. “We wish to express our deepest gratitude to Sheikh Mohammed for his personal intervention in this case, and for exonerating Jamie at long last. It has now been established that the allegations against Jamie were entirely unwarranted, defamatory, and meritless; to such an extent that the Ruler of the country found it necessary to step in and correct the wrongful action of the Public Prosecutor and to quash the judgment of the court. This was a courageous and honourable decisio

Jamie Harron has no court date for rude gesture charge. Parents to visit Jamie in Dubai but risk cri

Jamie Harron has been stuck in Dubai for over 5 months, following allegations of brushing past a German man in a crowded bar. Neuman & Esser’s Managing Director Mr Emad Tabaza accused Jamie of “indecent behaviour” and a “rude gesture”. On someone’s word in the UAE, police will arrest and prosecute. Harron has been waiting for almost half a year for a court hearing and faces years in prison if found guilty. The case has caused international outrage, directed at the German company who have received death threats, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the United Arab Emirates. Social media trending hashtags have included #BoycottDubai #JamieHarron and #FireEmadTabaza. Some twitter use

"They have ruined our son's life" - Parents of Jamie Harron angry over German company&

27 year old Jamie Harron was arrested five months ago after Neuman & Esser’s Managing Director, Mr Emad Tabaza made a complaint to the police alleging that Harron had brushed up against him in a Dubai bar called “Rock Bottom”. On his word, Jamie was arrested and is being prosecuted for brushing up against the man, drinking alcohol and now it seems, for a rude gesture (raising his finger). The case has attracted international media attention and social media users have been outraged, lobbying the company to #FireEmadTabaza. In a statement made by the company, Mr Tabaza had apparently withdrawn the complaint in August (unconfirmed) but local prosecution services are proceeding with their cas

German company Neuman & Esser suffering international backlash over Managing Director Emad Tabaz

Neuman & Esser, the giant international mechanical engineering group is facing massive public backlash over its support for its Managing Director, Emad Tabaza, who levelled allegations against young Scotsman Jamie Harron. Neuman & Esser issued a statement last week reiterating the accusations of Emad Tabaza against Jamie, even embellishing them and adding verifiably inaccurate information. Now the company is suffering the wrath of social media. According to NEA Group,Tabaza has even received death threats from anonymous members of the public over what are almost unanimously regarded as false or highly exaggerated allegations which have cost Jamie his freedom, his job and significant financia

Dubai "public indecency" detention updates. German company missteps in defence of complain

The German company of which the Managing Director is Emad Tabaza, the accuser in the “public indecency” case against Jamie Harron has issued its first statement on the controversy. It includes a number of erroneous claims which contradict the established facts. Neuman & Esser. Giant German gas company whose MD Emad Tabaza has become involved in public indecency case. Neuman & Esser’s statement alleges that Jamie was drunk and belligerent, whereas it is known that he had consumed only 3 beers, and his blood alcohol level was well below what would normally be regarded as intoxicated. Furthermore, witnesses including security staff from the bar, confirm that Jamie was not confrontational at al

Surge in arrests amid wave of UAE extradition requests

The latest figures quoted by Radha Stirling of Detained in Dubai reveal a shocking trend in sudden arrests, false detentions and a rise in mafia style agencies working as debt collectors for UAE banks. Since the UAE began misusing Interpol as an instrument for enforcing commercial agreements, British, American, and European Nationals are increasingly finding themselves being treated like international fugitives in their own countries. These arrests, detentions and accusations are related to a “wave of extradition requests, coming out of the UAE” says Ms. Stirling, “What we are seeing is the abusive legal system of the UAE and its everyday human rights abuses, beginning to stretch into Europe

Anguish for Edinburgh family as innocent father held in Dubai over counterfeit money mix up

Edinburgh plasterer William Barclay (Billy) and his family's holiday was going really well. The weather was amazing, the kids, Billy Jr. and his sister Madison, loved the huge Dubai Mall with its dancing water fountains. They had driven out to see the desert scenery and feed camels by the side of the road. The holiday hit a bump when one day Billy and wife Monique went to change some money at an exchange in the Al Hamra Mall. One of the notes set off the counterfeit money detector, and the couple was told to wait for the police. Billy, who has never been in trouble with the police in his life, or even arrested, was taken with his family. "It was distressing for the kids, to see their dad arr

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