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UAE Bank's misuse of Interpol as debt collectors scares debtors around the world

The arrest of a British Woman in Italy over an Interpol Red Notice for debt has caused concern amongst the international business community. The outcome of the woman’s case, for a debt of approx. €15,000 relating to a security cheque is of interest to anyone with investments or loans in the UAE. Dubai banks are using Interpol Red Notices to suit their own interests, while individuals suffer disproportionately. The UAE has decriminalised security cheque bouncing for its nationals who have agreed to participate in loan forgiveness/repayment programmes. However, foreign nationals still face criminal charges for bounced security cheques regardless of the reason for the insufficient funds. In tur

Dilip Rahulan of Pacific Controls joins numerous other Indians on the Interpol Database

Founder of technology company Pacific Controls, a company created in Australia in 1984, Indian born Dilip Rahulan, has been found guilty in absentia of issuing bad cheques by a Dubai Court and has been given a three year prison sentence. The case arises from an accusation concerning two cheques worth $5.9 million in total; insufficient funds to cover them were available when they were presented. This case has grown from an accusation made by a fellow Indian national and businessman, Shah Tigashkomar Vinodchandra. Until 2016, Pacific Controls was regarded as one of The Emirates most successful businesses, building on a new relationship with Microsoft formed in 2015. Rahulan is also known

British woman held under house arrest in Italy following UAE initiated Interpol notice for debt

A British national has been arrested in Italy over a €15,000 debt to a Dubai bank. The woman was held by Italian authorities for over eight hours in custody, without toilet facilities or access to water and food. She is now being held under house arrest awaiting decisions from Italian authorities as to how they wish to proceed. The debt is associated to an eight year old security cheque which was not honoured when presented. The arrest, for potential extradition, breaches UAE/Interpol agreements which Interpol itself, does not actively enforce. The UAE authorities have 30 days to reply to Italy with further information about the case. At this point, Italy will decide whether to drop the case

Before traveling to the UAE, weigh the risks

As the United Arab Emirates intensifies its efforts to market itself as a top destination for tourists, expats and investors, the need is increasing for travelers to be made aware of the many risks they may face in the country. Travel agents, journalists, and particularly foreign embassies need to ensure that anyone considering the UAE as a destination knows enough to make an informed decision. While there are indeed many attractions in the Emirates, both for tourists and businesspeople, the truth is that the legal infrastructure has not kept pace with the skyline. The modern image of Dubai, with all its excess and luxury, can easily suggest to foreigners that the UAE is a thoroughly advance

Economic Volatility in UAE Increases Expat Risks

Over the coming year the United Arab Emirates is going to likely face a number of economic and political challenges The country’s ruler, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, is believed to be in poor health, and a transfer of power to the Crown Prince , Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed, may take place this year. While Sheikh Mohammad is already functionally ruling the country, this may still cause some jitters among investors, just as the UAE improved its ranking by credit rating agency Moody’s. Following the drastic drop in oil prices, the UAE instituted a series of reforms to diversify the economy and to attract foreign investment, and this has bolstered investor confidence in the Emirates. Nevertheless, th

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