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Another day, another expat defrauded in the UAE

UAE continues to woo foreign talent and investment ,then rob them of their businesses and assets, leaving them penniless, jailed or on the Interpol database. Expats beware! American National Michael Franco has found out the hard way that it doesn’t pay to be too innovative and successful in the United Arab Emirates. The renowned security expert has joined a growing list of foreign businessmen in the UAE who have been swindled of their intellectual property and robbed of their profits by unscrupulous local partners. Franco is the former head of the US Department of Defense Secure Communications Lab where he helped invent the secure Blackberry phone used by Barack Obama; he’s well known in t

Emirates NBD collectors pose as Interpol agents

Emirates NBD بنك الإمارات دبي الوطني #debtcollectors pose as INTERPOL HQ agents when phoning customers.. "We are Interpol, come to our Barcelona offices" - Very unprofessional. #EmiratesNBD and other #Dubai #banks need to issue ACCEPTABLE policies on collection tactics employed by their appointed representatives who are hurting their brand EmiratesNBD are fully aware of the illegal tactics employed by their agents who are directly encouraged by the banks. #Harassment and serious threats are #illegal in the #UAE and in the countries where the customers reside. Emirates NBD continue to threaten debtors with #InterpolRedNotice, a practice that breaches the agreement between the UAE and Interpol

Interpol’s gesture of transparency

In response to both the increasing misuse of Interpol Red Notices by countries like the United Arab Emirates, and the lobbying by organisations like Detained in Dubai for greater transparency; Interpol has decided to begin publishing limited details on their website about Red Notices that have been removed. It is hoped that this will discourage inappropriate reports to Interpol for frivolous matters that do not fall within the organisation’s mandate. Interpol will publish the reasons for their removal of a given Red Notice, apparently as an indirect instruction so that countries will be more careful about meeting Interpol’s criteria. However, if reports continue to be made that do not fall

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