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Was the alleged rape victim's story a case of false allegations, as the UAE media office has rep

After a week of relentless press and international focus, the UAE media office issued a press release to say that they determine the alleged rape was in fact, consensual sex. The facts of this case are that a woman reported to the police that she was raped by two men. She was then held in Dubai on charges of sex outside marriage. The UAE government allegedly determined that the sex was consensual based on their analysis of some video footage, video footage that the alleged victim was aware existed at the time of reporting the rape. Both parties reportedly believed that the video footage would back up their respective stories. On the one hand, it is important to understand that the UAE judici

Press campaign forces UAE to back down on sex charges

"Ceding to international outrage over Dubai's criminal case against an alleged gang-rape victim for having engaged in extramarital sex, authorities have dropped the charges and dismissed the case. This is not the first time that charges have been dropped because of international media. The UAE must be trying to improve their reputation as a progressive and modern country. The problem is, they are not actually addressing and repairing the core issues. They are simply hoping that most civil justice violations are not made public. While, of course, we are relieved that the British national, who alleges that she was sexually assaulted by two compatriots in Dubai, has been freed; it is impossible

British Tourist & Gang Rape Victim Arrested in Dubai for Sex Outside Marriage

A British tourist has been arrested and reportedly charged in Dubai after she was gang-raped by a group of other British nationals. The victim reported the rape to police and was promptly arrested herself on charges of having extramarital intercourse. She was later released on bail, but her passport was confiscated, and she may face trial for the charges which mandate punishments that can include imprisonment and deportation, flogging, and even stoning to death. "The UAE has a long history of penalising rape victims," says Radha Stirling, founder and director of Detained in Dubai. "We have been involved with several cases in the past where this has happened, and we work with the lawyers a

Living as an Interpol "Fugitive"

The UAE has issued Interpol red notices against individuals who are parties to civil disputes, have had business disagreements or financial issues. Counter parties to such disputes usually use the criminal justice system in the UAE, rather than the usual civil justice avenue that most countries would insist upon. Individuals have learned to live with their new "international fugitive" status. It may have been a shock at first, when they realised they were listed amongst terrorists and other serious criminals, but they soon realise that UAE warrants for non serious crimes are quite common. The role of Interpol is simply to locate “fugitives” and advise the issuing country of their location. T

No laughing matter - Ignorance is no defence for travellers who fall foul of local customs and laws

What may be seen as a merry prank in one country may cause grievous offence in another. For example, in 2009 when a British holidaymaker in Marmaris dropped his pants in front of a statue of Kemal Ataturk, he may have expected, at worst, a stern warning if caught. In actual fact, he was jailed, deported and banned from returning to Turkey – a verdict that some Turks felt was too lenient. “He's lucky it was the police that took him,” one Marmaris resident told a British newspaper. “The local boys wanted to kill him for being so insulting.” More recently, a misjudged jape last year resulted in the jailing and fining of four young visitors (one Dutch, one English and two Canadian) to Malaysia,

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