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New Information on #FreeScottRichards - Possible Charges under Cybercrime Laws Review your social me

Federal Decree-Law no. (5) of 2012 ON COMBATING CYBERCRIME Article 27 of the Cybercrime Laws provide that anyone who publishes information on a computer network to call or promote for the collection of donations without a license accredited by the competent authority will be punished by imprisonment and a fine of between AED 200,000 (apx. GBP 40,000 and AED 500,000 (apx. GBP 100,000). The sentence, if convicted, would likely include deportation. According to news provider 7days, Prosecutors said that Scott is yet to be officially charged and the investigation is ongoing. Officials believe he raised about USD 500 from within the UAE, though he was not the owner of the fundraising endeavour:

Press Release: UAE Prosecuting Judge approved Police application to extend Scott Richards´ detention

Scott Richards, a British/Australian man has been in detention without charge for three weeks now, for allegedly breaching the UAE´s new charity laws (original press release below). Sadly, the Prosecuting Judge granted a further extension while police continue to investigate. He is appalling conditions and has made a request to be transferred from Al Murraqabat Police Station to a prison, though remains in police custody, under inhumane conditions. He has not been able to meet with his legal representative and has very limited access to telephone. We do not expect that there will be any change to his detention and the Prosecuting Judge can, if he chooses, grant further extensions to his dete

UAE residents in fear over social media use, after the arrest of a British National for talking abou

UAE´s shocking (and seemingly confused) application of their new charity laws, leaves residents wondering if they are even allowed to talk about charities that exist outside of the UAE. British National Scott Richards, from Primrose Hill in London, was arrested for suspected violations of the UAE´s charity restrictions. Although on inspection, he did not raise funds for any charity and volunteered for charities while outside of the UAE. Technically, he should not have been arrested under these laws, but it seems, law enforcers need further training. In light of this matter and the publicity it has so far received, residents are fearful that they could be arrested, just for speaking about int

New Detained in Dubai Membership Program to provide immediate, ongoing intervention

Scott Richards has been indefinitely detained by police in Dubai for posting on social media about his charity work. This is a perfect example of how arbitrarily anyone can be arrested in the UAE for often the most unexpected and inexplicable reasons. We have dealt with many such cases involving "offences" that the average person would never imagine would land them in trouble with the law. In the UAE, you can be arrested for something as innocent as taking a selfie, watching an airplane, or kissing your spouse or partner; or, as in Scott's case, for simply writing online about helping the needy. Over the years, we have noted that there is a serious deficiency in access to ongoing support f

Australian-British National in detention, without charge, for supporting a US Charity, even though h

Scott Richards, an Australian-British national, residing in Dubai and working as an economic development advisor, is one of few to be arrested under new 2015 UAE laws that prohibit promoting non UAE registered charities. The law is only one year old and most people are not aware of its existence, though does not believe that he is in breach of the law at all! When a new law is enacted that could easily lead to the arrest of the average person, the government needs to take responsibility to educate the general public and should regularly publish information on laws that are likely to get people into trouble. This would include the charity laws, social media laws etc. If the government had p

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