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UAE attempts to extradite yet another British National, Oaktree Executive Martin Graham

British National and Oaktree Capital Group Executive Martin Graham, has been convicted in absentia in a Sharjah Court of stealing $264 million dollars from an engineering contractor. Graham has since been arrested in the UK after an Interpol notice was issued. He appeared last week in Westminster Magistrates Court and has been provisionally released pending further proceedings. Oaktree fully supports Martin Graham and expects that the conviction will eventually be overturned. However, this can not happen in the event that he does not return to the UAE to appeal the decision. We do not anticipate that Graham will be extradited, given the grave human rights violations that are particularly

Rape Victims Criminalised in Qatar & the UAE. Victims of rape jailed for sex outside of marriag

A woman in Qatar has been arrested for sex outside of marriage, after having filed a rape complaint with police. It sounds unbelievable, but unfortunately this occurs with frequency; and over the years, we have dealt with several cases of victims of rape being arrested, interrogated, and in some cases, even convicted of having sex outside marriage. Some women served lengthy sentences, while the man only served a month or so. Charging rape victims is beyond alarming, it is embarrassing to any nation that allows it. What a gross violation of fundamental human rights and an unimaginable emotional and physical assault. Women are not the only victims of this absurd practice, we have seen sever

Contractual Protection for Entrepreneurs in the UAE… Increasing success in a positive way

You arrive in the UAE, possibly having already negotiated an agreement with a local Emirati or fellow expat. At such an exciting and productive time, you are full of enthusiasm and you and your business partner are the best of friends, a true team, goals aligned; millions to make. In all of the excitement, remember that not all business friendships will remain in tact; and the person you feel the closest to right now, could one day be your least favourite person, your litigious opponent, even your worst enemy. The destruction of a partnership can be largely outside of your control, financially motivated by greed, a conflict of personalities, external negative influences, or purely a change

Trial Preparation - You are part of the legal team - Give it your best!

Your lawyer is not the one on trial when you go to court; you are. It is your fight. You alone will face the consequences of a guilty verdict, and you alone will be exonerated by a not-guilty verdict. The lawyer is there to help you, but cannot take your place; your role is crucial to your success in court. It is up to you to make sure that your funding for legal services is sorted; lawyers, even Human Rights lawyers, are not volunteer social workers. They are skilled professionals whose expertise comes at a cost. When they aren't paid, or when payment is indefinitely delayed, you jeopardise your own case, as the lawyer will inevitably de-prioritise his work with you in favour of paying c

Share your stories & experiences to help us, help others

If you live in the UAE, have lived in the UAE, or if you have just visited the country, and you faced legal difficulties of any kind; if you suffered, or witnessed human rights violations, or substandard due process; share your stories with us, and help Detained in Dubai ensure that no one else will have to go through thee kinds of experiences again. Detained in Dubai is more than a resource for legal assistance and advice. We are active in educating authorities around the world, and spreading awareness among the general public about human rights issues in the UAE. On the basis of our expertise, and the knowledge we have gathered from the experiences of our clients, Detained in Dubai has b

Interpol notice review developments

This is an important development. Interpol has refused to issue a Red Notice against Indian businessman Vijay Mallya, saying that there is insufficient evidence against him, and that, because the allegations involve financial irregularities, they would need to hear from Mr. Mallya first before they could proceed. Interpol is not an investigative body, they do not determine the strength or weakness of evidence; so this is quite unusual. And we have dealt with several cases involving allegations financial irregularities in Red Notice applications by the UAE where Interpol did not hesitate to accept the applications. We wrote earlier that Interpol has begun to receive funding from the private

UAE invests in spyware to monitor and control activists & journalists, thus suppressing inspirat

Last year the UAE spent over half a million dollars to obtain and install spyware for the purpose of monitoring human rights activists and journalist. The UAE is a country keenly concerned about its global image; the government has worked hard over the past 15 years to present the Emirates as a shining example of forward-thinking, development, and prosperity in the Middle East; but too often, this image acts as a curtain covering what is essentially an authoritarian state in which human rights violations, abuse, and substandard legal processes abound. It is not surprising, therefore, that human rights activists would be viewed by the government as potential enemies; they discover and expose

Access to Civil Justice in the UAE - How justice is being denied, how we plan to help and how we hop

The issue of access to justice has long been a struggle to achieve, given that access to justice can also have negative results. On the one hand, we should have the right to take a civil claim against another party whether we can afford it or not. On the other hand, if it were too easy to make a claim, this would leave people open to abuse, by way of frivolous actions. Often when someone (person or company) has a claim, it is because they have not been paid for a product or service that they have provided. Sometimes, it is a partnership dispute, employment dispute or company dispute and usually the claimant (or victim) is out of pocket. To recover funds that are owed, they will need to t

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