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Bank´s debt collection and enforcement agencies outrage customers with cowboy style harassment and d

"It is no secret that UAE banks have stepped up their efforts to enforce debts internationally and of course, there is nothing wrong with that. The world is becoming smaller and people don’t expect that a simple relocation will alleviate them of their contractual obligations. In fact, most people have a genuine desire to resolve their obligations as soon as possible and keep the option to return to the UAE open. Some customers have been forced to leave the UAE since the country offers no protection against imprisonment for debts. Others have been forced to return home after losing their employment or business. These situations are quite common and particularly for expatriates who do not

Don’t Confess - Protect yourself if you are arrested or questioned by police...

Read the Crime section of any of the local UAE newspapers, and you are bound to come across this sentence in nearly every story: "Police say the suspect has confessed." We estimate that perhaps 90-95% of all convictions in the UAE are based on confessions. Either there is something unique about the Emirates which causes every criminal o have spontaneous attacks of conscience at the moment of their arrest, or there is something more ominous going on here. Over the years, we have been told repeatedly that our clients have already spoken to the police, provided a signed statement or even confessed to a crime (often that they are completely innocent of). It is quite standard for suspects to s

Family Law & Consequence in the UAE

We have worked on several family matters in the UAE, most involving other EU countries. Certainly countries will take foreign Court orders into account in their decision making, though this is a complex area of law. The UAE Courts will not recognise Family Court Orders from other jurisdictions and remain autonomous on such matters. For some clients, this has worked in their favour and for others, it has unfairly prohibited them from access to their children. Where children are involved, it is very important that jurisdiction is taken into account in the event of a divorce. Countless parents have been caught up in Family disputes in the UAE where the results and orders can be quite differe

Emirates NBD hires debt collectors to chase expat defaulters in the US, UK

Emirates NBD, Dubai's largest bank, is one of a number of local UAE lenders who have hired British and American debt collection agencies to chase expatriate defaulters who have absconded back to their home countries without settling their loan repayments. “In response to a growing number of fleeing debtors, banks such as Emirates NBD, ADCB [Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank] and others have been increasing their recovery efforts by employing international debt collectors and enforcers,” Radha Stirling, a legal consultant specialising in the Middle East and founder of the London-based charity Detained in Dubai, told Arabian Business. Stirling claimed that some of the third party agencies had begun us

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