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UAE Detentions without due process continue with no end in sight

Mosaab Ramadan has been held in a detention facility for over 400 days, without having been charged or prosecuted. He is not alone. In wake of the UAE's increased security concerns, prisons have been filling up. Human Rights Organisations have been lobbying for their release or for their prosecution. Amongst the detainees is an Emirati named Dr Nasser bin Ghaith, who is an activist and has been previously detained for offending the State. We have spoken with the families of dozens who have been detained without seeing a Judge, without seeing a lawyer and without prosecution. Human Rights Organisations are alleging "forced disappearnces" and are concerned for the possibility of human righ

European man on trial for homosexuality in Dubai after reporting robbery

A European man faces sodomy charges in the United Arab Emirates after he reported being tied up and robbed by two Pakistani guest workers that he allegedly met through a gay website A Dubai Police Force vehicle sits outside the city's Gold Souq 9 September 2015 An unnamed European man is facing sodomy charges in Dubai after he reported being robbed by two Pakistani men that he allegedly met through a gay website. According to a report by Emirates 24/7 the 34-year-old connected online with one of his robbers six months ago and maintained an online acquaintance with him. Earlier this month the man, who’s nationality has not been released to the media, invited his Pakistani friend and another m

Detained in Dubai Updates for October / November 2015 - Interpol, Extradition, Status Checks, Debt E

Detained in Dubai Updates for October / November 2015 October and November have been unusually busy this year. This is partially we expect, the result of increased security levels in the UAE as well as economic uncertainty, leading to aggressive and gung-ho tactics from banks or privately originating disputes. There has been an increase in Security measures in the UAE, random stop and searches and active arrests of people listed on police databases. Temporary jails have been set up to enable the detention of more people as well as the closure of many border crossings to non GCC citizens. The general attitude amongst intelligence forces in the UAE has swayed the private sector to fiercely

Substantial Increase in Legal Problems for White Collar Indians in the UAE, including Interpol Red N

The UAE is composed of many nationalities, though Indians form over 50% of the total population in the UAE. 20% of Indian expats are working in professional employment with a great number of entrepreneurs establishing businesses in a flourishing economy. There are an estimated 33,000 Indian millionaires living in the UAE. Calls from Indians with legal problems in the UAE have risen by 125% in 2015. A large percentage of our client base is from India. The vast majority of Indian clients that we have assisted in 2015 have needed help with the following issues: 1. Credit Cards, Personal Loan Debt, Mortgages & Bounced Cheques Approximately 40% of Indian Clients in 2015 needed assistance in r

Caution: Expect an Increase in Crime Reporting with the introduction of the "Police Eye" I

General Khamis Mattar Al Muzaina, chief of Dubai Police said “Anybody can download the new police application from Apple store and use ‘Police Eye’ to give us tips about anything suspicious,” he said.“It’s not necessary to mention your name and details. Just pass the information to us on your smartphone.” The UAE already has issues with the over reporting of alleged crimes, particularly harassment, offensive or abusive behaviour. While an Application such as "Police Eye" can be useful in tackling serious crime, we expect that it will increase reporting of matters that may otherwise have been rendered unimportant by the accuser and could possibly lead to clogging up the Police Stations and Ju

Beware the UAE Cybercrime Laws

Background: The new Cyber Crimes Laws came into effect in December 2012 (Federal Law No. 5 of 2012) and has recently been published in the media, following the deportation of an Australian National. The new legislation introduced stronger penalties and new offences that have the ability to impact anyone who does not apply diligence in their online communication. Offences to be aware of: While most of the legal provisions involve serious crime, there are some provisions that the general populus need to be aware of. 1. State security and political stability 1(a) Operating a site or posting information online, that stirs sedition, hatred, racism or sectarianism, or hurts national unity or soc

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