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Revealed: avoid potential arrest in the UAE with simple police check

A UK charity has urged expats to arrange a criminal check on themselves before returning to the UAE, to avoid being arrested for an offense of which they were unaware. Detained in Dubai recommends conducting a “standard police check” in advance of travel, especially if you have reason to suspect there could be a complaint against you. Radha Stirling, the charity’s founder and chief executive, told Arabian Business that risk of detention for alleged crimes of which they know nothing has become “a common issue” both for former expats visiting the UAE and current expats returning from a trip abroad. “We are seeing more and more cases like this, involving anything from employment disputes, road

Previous financial issues in Dubai? Prevention is key and a police check required

"I had a house under mortgage in the Marina in Dubai and couldn't make the repayments anymore after the crisis. I left and found a job in Europe and a year later, resolved payment with the bank. A couple of years later, I decided to make sure that there were no cases against me so did a police check. I was horrified that the bank had neglected to close their bounced cheque cases. I hate to think how long it would have taken to sort out had I gone back without checking. I contacted my bank and told them and they were able to remove the cases within a few weeks. Big cheers to Radha at Detained for helping prevent that!" - JTG Detained in Dubai prefers preventative measures.

Avoid Arrest in the UAE with a simple police check

Have you previously lived in or visited the UAE and plan to return? "Someone almost ran me over at a petrol station. When I complained to them, they took a photo of MY numberplate and yelled at me. I returned to the UK shortly after for a few months holiday. I was about to return to the UAE to take a job offer but thought I better check my status in advance. It turns out that the lady who almost ran me down, made a complaint to the police that I had made a rude gesture at her, even though I hadn't. Fortunately, I checked with Radha in advance and avoided the usual arrest now, ask questions later routine and was able to resolve everything before traveling". Detained in Dubai recommends co

Manchester Resident Plane Spotters Arrested in the UAE for "National Security" reasons

3 men have been arrested in the UAE for "suspicious behaviour" while participating in their lifetime hobby of plane spotting. Radha Stirling, Founder of Detained in Dubai comments as follows: “We understand that 54 year old Mr Conrad Clitheroes and 45 year old Mr Gary Cooper from Manchester travelled to Dubai on the 18th of February and were to return to their homes in the UK on the 22nd of February. They checked in to the Sheraton Deira for two nights then stayed with a former work colleague. All three friends have a shared hobby of plane spotting and were keen to see Fujairah Airport, where many older and rarer aircrafts can be seen. The practice is legal in the UAE though not widely under

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